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Living in the Stream of Yes

July 19, 2021
by Janet Pearlman

Notice, Pause, and Shift Thinking Part II

We are practicing our self-awareness and our ability to change from unwanted feelings to more empowered states. In this post the protagonist notices her own judgment and fear and is able to move toward a happier vibe. Continue reading

October 20, 2020
by Janet Pearlman
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Give the Benefit of the Doubt

We are all under so much stress these days. Isn’t it easy to find ourselves frustrated with the behavior of others? “They should not behave that way,” so easily pops into our minds and perhaps out of our mouths. Let’s train ourselves to offer the benefit of the doubt to ourselves and others.

So many of us were judged a lot in our lives—as children and then continuing to our schools and jobs. In fact, we might have noticed that we hear the judging voices in our heads about ourselves. Aha! That might just explain why we formulate negative thinking about another. We see outside ourselves what we are experiencing inside. Oh my! Continue reading

October 13, 2020
by Janet Pearlman
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Creating the World We Want to Inhabit Part I

When we experience what we do not want, we get much clearer about what we DO want. If we are afraid, we can easily put out words and behaviors that are not mindful of the effect on others.  We can easily spread fear and promote folks becoming more isolated from one another. Do we want a world with more fear? NO! Continue reading

August 31, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Healing and Empowered Speech

We promote the healing of a bodily condition even in how we describe it to ourselves. Our words matter much to us! We gain benefit from formulating what we observe in an empowered way.
For example, we may have heard ourselves say:

That elbow always acts up when it rains. Continue reading

August 17, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Brainstorm What You Love

We can offer ourselves a rampage of joy. Who knew? Starting the roll we inquire, “What do I love and Why do I love it?” We can have a blast playing with this process.

Each of us can select a topic about which we have enthusiasm. Some folks have grandchildren—when they get sharing stories of the visits and the antics they light up like a Christmas Tree. Continue reading

August 10, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Two Aspects of Our Power

In this post we read two stories that show us our power. In the first the momentum of our habit to think the best we can creates a flow that delivers our wishes easily and promptly. The second account demonstrates the awesome power we have in our self-talk—how we perceive ourselves matters hugely. Enjoy! Continue reading

August 3, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Allowing Self Appreciation

Have you noticed that at times you praise another person, appreciate what a great job he has done, and the dear man kind of keeps talking or makes light of your words—he does not seem to hear or enjoy it?

And have you become aware that at times you behave that way too? We all want validation and yet sometimes we cannot let in the praise. Continue reading

July 22, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Another Illustration of Waking Up

Many of us are eager to learn to wake up more and more to what we are doing with our thoughts. Let’s review this process—always worthwhile since changing habits of thought requires much patient review for our dear selves.  We know habits take a period of time to shift. 😊

Henrietta traveled the path of growing more and more. She was determined to get more power over her experience. H keyed into noticing her feelings more and more. “Hey what is going on with this dip I feel?”    Continue reading

June 30, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Find More Fun Shifting Our Perception

We invent what we see! Isn’t it good to notice that we can create more fun – even with frustrating circumstances! When we feel lousy viewing some situation or person, let’s recall that we have the power to change how we see that and then shift how we feel. That way we feel good a lot more often and enjoy life more!

Juice of Satisfaction flowed in the following two examples. Find Inspiration! Continue reading

June 22, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Awake to Hurt; Then Heal

Our experience arises from how we perceive what is going on around us.  Can we awake to what we “see” hurts us? This post constitutes another entry into “What story do I tell myself?” Isn’t it powerful to notice when we are telling a tale that does not feel good? Fruitful journey of discovery! Continue reading

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