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Another Illustration of Waking Up


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Many of us are eager to learn to wake up more and more to what we are doing with our thoughts. Let’s review this process—always worthwhile since changing habits of thought requires much patient review for our dear selves.  We know habits take a period of time to shift. 😊

Henrietta traveled the path of growing more and more. She was determined to get more power over her experience. H keyed into noticing her feelings more and more. “Hey what is going on with this dip I feel?”   

Our star was feeling kind of neutral, not great, and H wanted to feel better. She tuned into some Abraham excerpts from youtube.  As she listened, Henrietta realized she felt a cringe, a shot of “upset”, a yucky emotion arising. “What is going on?” asked this dear woman. “Oh wow I am thinking ‘These ideas are beyond me. I don’t do that well enough. I am not capable of using this material.’”

In her experience just then, these formulations sounded like “facts”, they sounded like the truth about her.  This spike had happened a good bit in her past.

Wait a minute! “I dipped into habitual thinking. I recall that I can change.”

As a fly on the wall, we can hear her thoughts, “I notice what I am doing. Let me see if I can soothe myself.” Forthwith, our protagonist took a time out.

Two processes came to her, and she did both.

1) She listed good stuff about herself 

Grown enormously

Raised her self esteem; Developed self confidence

Increased her self-awareness a whole lot.

Feels satisfied regularly.

Use her gifts every day; created successes

Developed personal power and was getting more all the time

Helped many others

Earned respect of those who she highly respected.

2)  She reminded herself about what she now knows about “being not enough”

 This is a judgment we can run: this thought is a habit.  This thinking is not an indication of who we really are.

There are no mistakes

Nothing is going wrong

We are expanding constantly.

Love is all there is.

In a few minutes Henrietta knew her affect had risen; this girl felt more in command: more optimistic; more energetic.

The realignment lasted for days. H felt effect of building new neural pathways! (That’s what we do when we apply focus to shift habits.)

Humans require much repetition to build new patterns of thought. Isn’t it great the kindness we build on our journey becoming more and more consistent in feeling good :).

We want the pay off of feeling good. Worth experimenting! Please comment with results and questions. We all are alchemists of ourselves!

About the Author

Janet Pearlman is a spiritual teacher, counselor, healer and artist. She has a gift for inspiring others to know themselves compassionately and to develop skills of empowerment. In her forty-three-year journey of self-discovery, she has deeply studied the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Ernest Holmes and more. Janet offers individual sessions by phone and in person. Please contact her at jpearl@streamofyes.com to arrange an appointment.


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