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Notice, Pause, and Shift Thinking Part II


We are practicing our self-awareness and our ability to change from unwanted feelings to more empowered states. In this post the protagonist notices her own judgment and fear and is able to move toward a happier vibe.

As the blog author was creating this article, a post from Pam Grout, spiritual teacher of A Course in Miracles, popped into her inbox with totally harmonious thinking. Ms Grout wrote, “My mission, rather than to protect myself from what looks like some slight or wrong, is to stay open and draw out the truth, to feed the part [ed. in others and ourselves,] even if it seems invisible, that dreams and wants to give love.”[1]

Below read about one woman’s process of waking up to course correct her formulations.

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Initial Event

Penny was enjoying interacting with a particular man online. This man communicated a strong attraction to her. The two after casual emailing for a few days moved to make plans to meet.

They had identified a point half way between their locations. At one point in the conversation this fellow named Leonard asked her to plan an overnight with him for the next week. Leonard planned a meet this week, do an overnight next week.

The Trip Wire

Penny felt an emotional trip wire go off. She sat a minute and took a breath. Then she responded, “No I am not making that kind of plan now.”

Judgment ran amok in the mind of our heroine. In her head she said “OMG! He is Mr Lust! I do not base a relationship on that!”

Greater Awareness

Wait, P notices that she has generated fear inside herself. The she wakes up to her process” the review of the situation makes her more upset. She does not want more upset!

The inner voice is contemplating skipping this meeting.  Our star muses, “Oh my I am worried about maintaining my integrity. I might behave weakly!”

Before very long Penny decides to call a friend for support. This wonderful friend reminds P that a person needs to know more before she assesses a man’s character.

The heroine shifts inside, “Oh yes I am making discernments based on meager evidence. I admit that.”

The interchange with Leonard had gone back and forth a bit. In her reactive emotions this dear woman became alert to her distorted lens: she had started to misread his meaning in her fear. With a calmer view P saw what she had read as a rejection was not so at all. Leonard was indicating he wanted to continue. “Oh,” says she, “Good to notice! My fear blocked comprehension!”

Therefore, the two confirmed the arrangement to rendezvous the next day. She felt balanced and knew she could make a fresh start as they laid eyes on one another.


Then the next morning, P received a note from Leonard apologizing that he had to reschedule their meeting for the following week.

Our star felt relief. Yes, she did want to meet him. Penny felt grateful for her ability to transform after the emotional ride of the day before.

Penny knew she was being assisted and protected. Wow, she received confirmation of her results: the Ernest Holmes reading for that day ( see last post); the oracle card pulled; and the Pam Grout message in her inbox within a couple of hours. Cool!

She felt very good as that “cancellation day” proceeded.


Isn’t it great how powerful it is to experience such a flow of circumstance! She caught herself judging and caught in anxiety. Then she called up The Power of Good, and with resilience tuned in to her loving mindset.

Do you have a story that comes to mind to share now? Have you experienced or witnessed some jumping over to an uplifting neural pathway? Please comment!


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