Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

June 1, 2021
by Janet Pearlman

Go for Loving

For many of us in our culture family relationships easily bring up guilt and shame. For some just mentioning family means obligations and we start to squirm. Those thoughts of “what I should do” or “what I should have done” or “what he or she should have done for me” trigger such discomfort! Do we withdraw? Do we placate? attack? Some of each? What might be possible if we brought new understanding to handle such situations?
Filled with grace, we can learn to uplift ourselves to love before reacting.
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November 2, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Allow Rest

We all have heard the expression, “No Gain Without Pain.” We have all been told it is a good thing to put your shoulder to the grindstone and try hard. Let’s replace those propositions: Life is easy, fun and loving! Naturally we want to rest and recharge and let’s follow that impulse as it arises.

Hooray for letting life flow! Hooray for feeling relaxed and good.  Pursuing what is wanted with time to change focus, play and rest. Continue reading

July 22, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Another Illustration of Waking Up

Many of us are eager to learn to wake up more and more to what we are doing with our thoughts. Let’s review this process—always worthwhile since changing habits of thought requires much patient review for our dear selves.  We know habits take a period of time to shift. 😊

Henrietta traveled the path of growing more and more. She was determined to get more power over her experience. H keyed into noticing her feelings more and more. “Hey what is going on with this dip I feel?”    Continue reading

June 16, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

From Shamed to Curious

Some among us experienced much discouragement in childhood.  Practicing appreciation through our day can build a confidence muscle! Internally and for a time the ridiculed person may feel the external messages were the truth about their make up. But those who reach for feeling better moment to moment may decide to overcome these past hurts. Read what empowerment is possible—Nessa tells this story. Continue reading

April 28, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Overexertion and Recovery

We use our bodies constantly. We exercise, play, and sometimes we overdo. Whoops. What strategies do we have to facilitate recovery?

Do we put our primary focus on grabbing some pain relief from the medicine cabinet? What else? How shall we wield our awesome power of focus under this circumstance?

The Story Opens

Raney took a hike with a friend. In an easy and relaxed frame of mind, she flowed with the preferences of her friend for which trails to hike. Continue reading

December 24, 2019
by Janet Pearlman

On the Path of Self Mastery

Can we support ourselves on the path to more clarity and happiness? We can practice this adage: “Things are Always Going Well for Me.” as we adventure our daily lives. The human nervous system grows new neural pathways in the … Continue reading

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