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Janet’s Prayer for Healing

Those of you who have read my blog for a few years may recall a chunk of years ago a physician looked at the red ring on my body and pronounced this to signal “lyme disease”. This doctor seemed frightened as did most of those with whom I shared news of this diagnosis.  

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The Power of Influence

Animated at the Open HouseThis time of year reminds me of my mother, Ethel Pearlman and some deep lessons I had with her time of passing. In 2006 during these weeks in December I traveled up north to be near her as she lay in both hospital and rehabilitative settings. Ethel had broken her leg.

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Treating Sunburn with Jin Shin Jyutsu

I offered advice on email to a man who had a bad sunburn. To his credit, he was open-minded enough to try what was recommended from a woman with whom he was chatting as part of an internet dating process. I told him to palm his calves. One does this by crossing one’s hands and placing a palm on each calf,

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