Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

November 11, 2019
by Janet Pearlman

Pop Up Juicy Fun

We just don’t know when ordinary life will pop into extraordinary juicy fun. Making a run to the supermarket, we cannot predict what else can happen as we grab our veggies. Read Amelia’s story below:

One Saturday in December Amelia ran into the grocery store for a produce run. Since she eats lots of vegetables, she needs fresh stock often. 🙂 Continue reading

February 2, 2012
by J. Pearlman
Comments Off on Treating Sunburn with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Treating Sunburn with Jin Shin Jyutsu

I offered advice on email to a man who had a bad sunburn. To his credit, he was open-minded enough to try what was recommended from a woman with whom he was chatting as part of an internet dating process. … Continue reading

(Mission statement here).