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Classes, Guidance to Individuals, support group and more

A Spot on the Deerfield, 16 x 20, Acrylic, $395

A Spot on the Deerfield, 16 x 20, Acrylic, $395

Do you recall a time when you felt playful and engaged? Things went your way, and you flowed with events easily, without strain?  Want more of that? The Abraham teachings show us how to create more fun and satisfaction for ourselves .. to learn how, as Janet dubs it, to live in the stream of yes.

A Taste of Abraham Hicks

The posts below apply the Abraham Hicks teachings to daily life.  In particular these pieces offer the “how-to” to uplift, soothe and attract better outcomes.   Subscription to the blog is available on the Home page.

Monthly Classes

In the classes and private sessions Janet teaches how this condition can be consciously created, empowering participants to nurture zest and joy, to bring theses states forward with greater frequency and duration. With practice, each can claim this as a way of life!

Each month Janet offers a class called Practice and Play. In this meeting students learn how to use the processes put forth by Abraham more deftly.  Those attending learn and play with recommended tools, focusing on what feels good, appreciating, telling a more uplifting story and more.  Classes are designed to build strength in changing habits of thought bit by bit and to encourage each in the group to share experience and successes. Participants report an immediate improvement in perspective and mood with each session. Classes are usually held on a weekend morning from 10 am to noon in Crozet, VA. See Events for current listing.

Monthly support Group

Additionally, Janet convenes an Abraham-Hicks Support Group monthly . In this forum Abe enthusiasts are offered an opportunity to meet with others to discuss solutions to problems as Abraham recommends, apply the teachings to experiences, review Abraham processes with use of an Abraham card deck. The group meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Crozet Library in Crozet, VA  from 6:30PM- 8:30PM.

One regular participant shared with delight:

“I love my Tuesday evening (support group meeting) with Janet. It is a time to reflect on how influential my Abraham work has been …. and to stay excited about the future. I am in positive control of my life now and enjoying every minute.”– Catherine S.

For exact dates and times, see Events page.

Individual Guidance with Abraham Teachings
Want to inspire yourself, get a boost for a decision or new project, relieve stress or get assistance on your growth journey? Janet offers private sessions to those who want direction in how to shift their patterns of thought from more limiting to more empowered. She helps clients to make the changes in their lives by tuning into the focus of her attention.

Sound interesting? Contact Janet to connect by telephone or skype.  Success stories in using Abraham abound — Most of the blog posts describe shifting of thinking and results that brought satisfaction and inspiration.

Testimonials from recipients who used the Abe teachings with Janet’s guidance.

“Janet has a good understanding of the Abraham teachings. She has gently directed me to ways of thinking about situations that bring relief and help me feel happier. I like that she talks about pitfalls on the path to growth, such as beating yourself up for thinking negative thoughts which she relates to her own experience. She models the attitude you can take that is gentle to yourself.” — Deborah

“I felt a huge shift after our session. I have experienced more happiness, energy and peace, knowing I am on the right path and healing every step of the way. I am also shifting the way I speak to myself.”  — Jen

“I feel so much better. Wow (Janet) is really good at this” — Eileen

“I went home and (my task) flowed so easily like (Janet) said it could. I am not sure (Janet) realizes how gifted she is!” — Laurie