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The Power of Influence

Animated at the Open HouseThis time of year reminds me of my mother, Ethel Pearlman and some deep lessons I had with her time of passing. In 2006 during these weeks in December I traveled up north to be near her as she lay in both hospital and rehabilitative settings. Ethel had broken her leg.

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Private Coaching Session with Janet Pearlman

Last summer, shortly after offering a private session that included both Jin Shin Jyutsu and Abraham-Hicks coaching to a client, I received this feedback in an email:

“I felt a huge shift after our session. I have
experienced more happiness, energy and peace, knowing I am on the right path
and healing every step of the way.

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Abraham-Hicks Class Changes a Life

Here is what one consistent student offered about her experience with the Abraham-Hicks classes:

“All the self help books in print can’t bring you to that place of contentment that the guidance of Janet Pearlman can. Four years ago my life crashed, both emotionally and financially.

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