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Overview: Janet Pearlman Paintings

Plank Road Dream, 24 x 30, Acrylic on Canvas, $525

Plank Road Dream, 24 x 30, Acrylic on Canvas, $525

For thirty nine years Janet has been expressing her vibrancy and enthusiasm for life through her paintings. Her gift for color draws the viewer into a world of wonder and light. Janet has produced her most significant body of work in these last nine years. Visitors are encouraged to view Janet Pearlman Paintings in the galleries below:

  • Landscape Gallery: This gallery represents Janet’s most current work.
  • Flowing Figure Gallery: Janet’s work from 2007 to about 2014 featuring uplifting content of dream-scape figures in lively and soothing color.
  • Diptych Gallery: These are larger scale pieces, created from 2010 to 2012.
  • Archival Gallery: Many of the pieces in this gallery are from earlier periods in Janet’s art career and represent the diversity of her work.

To read Janet’s latest artist statement including art background information see About Janet page. For a list of Exhibitions of Janet Pearlman Paintings since 2008 click here.

Read what some  fans of Janet’s art say about her work:

“When I look at your landscapes, I feel an intriguing blend of vibrancy and tranquility. You created a place I want to step into.”  –Beverly G  2015

” Your work conveys… the reality that the world is a blend somehow of spirit and form, emotion and a place to live.”– Rob T 2015

” You’ve always had a strong sense of design and color… ( your) paintings are spatial and you have fun with the flatness of the paint and canvas.. it is a compelling combination. …Playful Color!”–Mark N. (an artist once featured on the front page of the New York Times Arts and Leisure Section) 2014

“Your beautiful painting hangs proudly above our mantelpiece, and we love it. It brings us joy daily! Your impressionistic interpretation of a lovely natural scene with its mixture of vibrant … colors … brightens our entire home with beauty and energy.  I wish I could fully express all that your painting means to us, and how very happy we are to own this piece.” — Wendy S 2016

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