Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

September 14, 2021
by Janet Pearlman

Building Self Esteem

Some of us may have a habit of thought with some version of “I am not sure I can. I feel inadequate to pull off this next step.”  We may gain value from reading about how one person gained momentum on building self esteem with focused effort in mere months not years. Continue reading

August 25, 2021
by Janet Pearlman

It’s Ok to Feel Strong Emotion

Every human has experienced strong emotion. Why write a post about making it ok? Some of us have been practicing feeling as good as we can as much as we can. We want to spend more and more time in balance and feeling good. We don’t want to feel upset coursing through us and sometimes it does. Many of us have the habit of judging ourselves when we notice we are off track. Let’s build a strong habit of making the human process of growing ok. Continue reading

August 24, 2021
by Janet Pearlman

Open to Self-Compassion

Many of us who are evolving and growing are encouraged to take stock of ourselves regularly and make course corrections. We want to notice our habits of thought and practice ones that serve us more constructively. In this process of unfolding, let’s put lots of emphasis on self-compassion along the way. Let’s make it ok to be just where we are at any moment even in those instances when we catch ourselves with an outdated perspective. Continue reading

June 28, 2021
by Janet Pearlman

Build Strength from Upset

Those of us reaching for feeling good are building new neural pathways moment to moment. These new pathways represent new strength in our ability to focus.
When we are born, we are guaranteed that choosing our focus will be part of our life experience –we will find ourselves close up and personal with something we do not want. We focus on what we DO WANT so we get more of it. Continue reading

January 11, 2021
by Janet Pearlman

Greater Personal Power This Year

We have so much hope for our future. Gosh we are just getting on a roll using the power of our beings, our minds, emotions, intuitions and more to shape the features of our lives. The purpose here is to inspire our taking charge of our lives by offering examples of how we can enjoy our flow, solve our problems and encourage others. Continue reading

November 9, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Some Tools to Sustain Good Feeling

Our lives flow so much better if we sustain good feeling. We train our nervous system by reaching for thoughts that feel better.
Each of us is actually building new neural pathways, our brain expanding and improving!
Do you want to get better at staying connecting to Source Energy, this state of feeling great? In any circumstances this requires our focus. Now we are experiencing particularly challenging times. What to do? Continue reading

October 27, 2020
by Janet Pearlman
Comments Off on Activating Compassion

Activating Compassion

Oh boy! We can choose to activate our compassion in lieu of running our hurt reactions from the past. Yes, we can explain past grievances and wounds, feel justified. (Even gather a crowd who will support our righteous indignation! 😊 ) Why not play a more empowering game where we create a world filled with acceptance and healing? Why not admit that we created our pain, then find relief on our own? Let’s review one story of how this is done. Continue reading

October 20, 2020
by Janet Pearlman
Comments Off on Give the Benefit of the Doubt

Give the Benefit of the Doubt

We are all under so much stress these days. Isn’t it easy to find ourselves frustrated with the behavior of others? “They should not behave that way,” so easily pops into our minds and perhaps out of our mouths. Let’s train ourselves to offer the benefit of the doubt to ourselves and others.

So many of us were judged a lot in our lives—as children and then continuing to our schools and jobs. In fact, we might have noticed that we hear the judging voices in our heads about ourselves. Aha! That might just explain why we formulate negative thinking about another. We see outside ourselves what we are experiencing inside. Oh my! Continue reading

October 1, 2020
by Janet Pearlman
Comments Off on Accepting Our Stuff and Becoming New

Accepting Our Stuff and Becoming New

We all want to get relief from past hurts. Don’t we love it when we can behave in the present in fresh thinking and feeling good!

Sometimes an opportunity for healing shows up as an incident which kicks up negative emotions.

For starters, let’s accept that we sometimes feel upset. We might bury this, pushing it away, telling stories over it while not feeling it. It has been known to happen 😊.

Instead, we can bring focus to our discomfort and mindfully turn things around. Let’s see if this example provides some useful tools where new results are possible. Continue reading

September 17, 2020
by Janet Pearlman

Creating the World I Want to Inhabit Part II 

Isn’t it great that with being focused at home some of us have more time to become aware of ourselves and to accept ourselves with more openness, less judgment?

We notice, “O, Look I am doing that again. Is that putting forth the atmosphere of the world I want to live in? Uh, not really, I want to shift.” Some may realize that we are more tense and less balanced than we prefer, with the world changing, more time alone than we have had in our lives, less contact with friends. Continue reading

(Mission statement here).