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Soothe Self Blame


When the self blame comes, wow do I feel awful. Do you ever experience this? I sure know I feel awful. Duh! wait a minute! I want to feel better!

What do I do for myself? Soothe, soothe, soothe.

I swim, I visit with friends, I read a novel or two. What do you do to soothe yourself? I recommend having those ready for yourself.  

Soft Emerging, 9 x 12, SOLD

Soft Emerging, 9 x 12, SOLD

One friend of mine rides her horse. Another might call a friend, play a computer game, weed her garden.

More than once I day, I make lists of what I appreciate and people who I know care about me. Those thoughts remind me of good feelings even when I don’t feel them in the moment. Inside me– wait a minute I see a habit of mine playing out… wait a minute I am ok!

These actions exemplify what I could call “reaching for relief”.

Sometimes inside me the habit is to think I AM bad because I FEEL bad. How silly is that!

I let life flow and before I know it, I am feeling really good again. I want to point out to myself: I am ” good enough”.  Hooray! Glad to remember!

I may experience feelings I do not want, a harsh inner judge rearing its ugly head.

Those awful feelings are a habitual response. It is ok to feel feelings– they do not label me!

As I practice, it gets so much easier to notice the habit operating, shift, take time to speak kindly to myself.

It helps so much not to believe that old voice of self judgment! I love knowing I am under transformation!

Isn’t it fabulous to notice how I ride this wave of self development! I want ease, to distract myself. I want to take time to recover.

With gusto I appreciate that I find my way back to feeling free and happy again in short time. YAY!

The darkness of the feelings actually reflects back to me just how wonderful is the flow of Good unfolding for me.

That Force of Good in you holds steady to knowing you are a wondrous being at all times.

The Good feels even more juicy after feeling awful 🙂

This week I discovered that I propped a painting in storage in such a way that it got a big warp in it. Know what? I skipped a big deal self blame episode. Wow

Reaping a pay off of practice for years,  I create a new way of looking at things– more continuous self support! Feels Fabulous!

Please comment! How do you soothe yourself?  Isn’t it great that we have each other!

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