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Janet’s Prayer for Healing

Rosco Pasture I, 24 x 30, Acrylic

Rosco Pasture I, 24 x 30, Acrylic

Those of you who have read my blog for a few years may recall a chunk of years ago a physician looked at the red ring on my body and pronounced this to signal “lyme disease”. This doctor seemed frightened as did most of those with whom I shared news of this diagnosis.  Immediately, I knew some important ways in which I wanted to treat the situation: I wanted to remind myself that any such label is an outer effect and only for a moment in time. I wanted to tune into the Force of Good  the best that I could. I wanted to find calm, reassurance and soothing for myself. Even as I experienced some discomforts passing through, I wanted to reach for conjuring the Big Picture of Health and Harmony. Though I felt weakened and a pull to lower mood, I knew I wanted to reach for feeling better bit by bit. One morning in my quiet contemplation this prayer came to me. As I spoke the words I felt an infusion of energy pour into me. Feeling somewhat depleted, I felt the shift as I worked the prayer– it had mojo! For about 4 – 5 months I invoked it each morning:

The Force that Keeps the Planets in their Orbit

The Force that Infused Life into Every Leaf on Every Tree

The Force that Creates Every Creature that Walks this Earth

That Force Courses through MY veins,

Not only vibrates through me, vibrates AS me.

The Vibration of Good: I am the Vibration of Good

For all Time in all Space I vibrate Good. Now

Is that Force of Good daunted by some virus, microbe, cell reproduction run amok, injury, accident, rare condition or any other “cause” of disharmony in our being? Ha! I am vital NOW.

Want to comment? Please share results if you or a friend give repeating it a try. I enjoy hearing from you at jpearl@streamofyes.com.  Thinking/ Feeling in ways of strength facilitates recovery.  Vibrating Good, Janet

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