Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Growth, Forgiveness, Perseverance


Awakening, we become aware when we fall short of the ideals of human behavior. We discover deeply and long held habits of thought which inhibit the generous and good feelings we prefer to exhibit.

These emotions of hurt, jealous, resentment, anger and more feel compelling. Can we release this stuff on a dime as we feel them? Some of our material may not leave with the first pass of awareness. We can and do persist.

Noticing the Pattern

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Cindy Lou aspires to releasing her hurts as quickly as she can. CL noticed though she knows how to shift, this time she allowed it more slowly than on easier topics.  This woman would rather feel loving and be having fun!

In the early sting of the reaction, our star reviewed “what happened”.  In dating, a man on whom our heroine was focused, turned out to be writing to another woman. His focus was not exclusively on her!

To begin using her power, CL distracted herself. The goal is to turn her attention to what she appreciates and to what lifts her mood.

In this story, Cindy Lou did not readily release this particular disturbance. Yes, she had the words intellectually to make it ok and could notice that her habits were running strong.

But, inside herself she could recognize strong emotions running. An inner voice: “I want to get my way! I feel humiliated and rejected! That other person is to blame!

At first, several like- minded friends offered to help with her reframing. Cindy heroine closed off their input.

In her head boomed, “Shut up and leave me alone. GRRR.”

In the second day a back ache showed up and did not easily clear up during the day.

A Gradual Turnaround

On the third day, our protagonist relaxed her thinking and let in more air and light into her mood.

Cindy L”s dear body produced quite an upset stomach.

Our heroine listened to a podcast by an experienced leader of A Course in Miracles.

Ahhh, the speaker reminded this dear one that she controlled her life with the thoughts she entertained. As she went about her morning ablutions, she let in the realization that she had gotten stubborn in her defense of her hurt reaction, making “out there” more powerful than “in here.” Her drama involved her dreams of affectionate dating and right now what she imagined was not happening.

Oh my, CL took responsibility for her stepping on a landmine of past hurt. “Ok,” she admitted, “I feel stubborn about feeling hurt and wronged.”

To find more ease she crooned to herself, “Hey Angel Pie, I am releasing another layer of sludgy feelings from the past. This is so understandable. You remain loveable in feeling the past and in feeling caught in it for a few days.”

On day four CL allowed herself more relief from a focus on Forgiveness, for both the date and herself.

Take Away

In shifting habits, we will notice and shift over and over again.

In some instances, we will require more perseverance than at others.

Keep going when it feels “hard”.

By and by we find release, forgiveness and more strength.

Please share a story that resonates with this post. You inspire us all!

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