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Living in the Stream of Yes

Uplift Irritation and Choose Compassion


We can find ourselves so irritated at another. Maybe that annoying person feels upset or afraid herself and projects out at you. That person wants to start a fight. Is there a better way to respond? Yes there is. Read on.

Maura attended an exercise class with a woman named Noreen.

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Noreen resented Maura for her skill level which was a bit higher. Noreen did not approve of some aspects of Maura’s lifestyle.

The “Mean” Act

Maura wanted to remain calm, contained and be as friendly as she could toward Noreen. At times though, Noreen would say hurtful things. One time Noreen whispered in Maura’s ear deliberately provocative words demeaning her character, a form of bullying behavior.

Try as she might to shield herself, inside Maura felt hurt.

Week after week N came to the class and M did too. How could M handle herself so that she did not attract unwanted from N? How could she wield her power in both self-protection and compassion?

M caught herself worrying about the next meeting. M felt her resentment, her own fear—she reviewed those. Wait a minute! What is wrong with this picture?

Time Out! Wait a minute! We know review of unwanted brings more of it!

Instead, Maura pivoted her thinking.

The Pivot

She began to imagine what delighted her—and what was going well. In other sectors of her flow, much in her life was popping with progress. New clients, opportunities to speak, and more.

For many weeks Maura successfully avoided N. If N came to class, they interacted in cordial demeanor.

In one class after many weeks Maura felt tired and depressed. N interacted and made some unkind gestures and references.

A class event was coming up  and Maura wanted to enjoy it. Our star M took deliberate action: she practiced her good mood. She kept in her mind feelings and images that supported and cheered her. This woman recalled times she really enjoyed this class and how good her body felt. M amped up her loving connection.

The Event

The day of the event came. Driving to the meeting hall our heroine found herself at the wrong building. M could feel the habit to start bad mouthing the organizers and complaining. Whoa there! She caught herself and sat quietly a minute. No let’s shift that thinking.

Soon she was out of her car and just then Noreen pulled up and parked. M stopped on the sidewalk to wait and walk in with N. She chatted and made conversation.

In a few minutes while the organizers relayed last minute plans and instructions, N stood near M. With a start M glanced at N and saw N’s fear filled eyes. “Oh my, thought Maura, “Noreen’s terror is probably fueling her unkind comments.” When Maura processed this, she realized the “attack” had been nothing personal. For M it was easier to maintain her higher vibration when she saw the pain in N’s gaze.

In the day’s proceedings, M noticed and acted on opportunities for showing kindness and support to Noreen.

Maura experienced mostly ease during this class “game.” M enjoyed her part and kept her focus on sending light to her teammates and the viewing fans.

Isn’t it satisfying to view how one woman used her power inside, shifting her internal landscape? M uplifted herself and those around her. Instead of a conflict, both parties had fun!

What successes are you having using your power to change inside first to make a difference? Please comment and share them! We all love inspiration!

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