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Living in the Stream of Yes

How Contrast Helps Us Awaken


As we pursue this path of becoming more aware of what we are feeling, we start to appreciate the enormous benefit of this process. Sure, we face spilt milk, fender benders, dips in the market and much more. Life feels so different when we use these incidents to increase our insight about ourselves and learn another bit about how to recover and feel good again. Part of my growing edge is that I change these habits of thinking, noticing when the thought starts and then pivot.

An Illustration

Flowers Arising, 36 x 38, Acrylic, SOLD

Della left the key in the ignition by accident overnight, and next morning her car had a dead battery. D felt the impulse to go into self-blame:  time she skipped it.

Our star handled dealing with the car service, some rescheduling and then she kept going. Wow she felt like she walked through a door to a new world. What a change! It was so much easier and more pleasant to bag the self-castigation. The dear woman created a new and higher quality of living.

Highway Navigation

What if we treated every blip in our lives as we do those ridges on the edge of the highway? When driving if we veer toward the guard rail, those indentations in the asphalt create a sound, an indicator that the car is out of the lane. What if we treated this unwanted showing up as we do that noise?  We shift our focus toward going straight again back in the lane. So often we review and discuss the “blip”. Let’s get our eyes back on how to move forward toward what we enjoy.

How revolutionary! In driving one would rarely concern oneself over a few seconds of hearing the whine of driving on the ridges. I recommend skipping the story about the problem and its ramifications, i.e. forfeiting mentally reviewing to assess cause, including passing over any assignment of blame to others or myself.

Let’s “Keep Our Eyes on the Prize” and not look back! Let’s feel into the boost of energy this provides us! Such a different life to let go of what drains us and pay attention to what we want to create, and to keep going.

We get to experience what is not preferred and get the payoff of more clarity on what we DO want. The unwanted launches the expansion of our world, “rocket fuel” toward where we are going. Then both wanted and unwanted are both ok. It’s a new lifestyle with significantly less stress and lots more enjoyment.

Please report on your experiments with noticing or skipping your review of “what happened that you did not like,” and then shifting. Comments encouraged! Great to go for more ease! I cheer you on!

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