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Relax to Retrieve What is Lost


Isn’t it great that we are building our knowing of our self-worth! With greater self esteem we can relax more easily when we cannot find an item among our stuff. Perhaps in the past we had a habit of getting angry or worried when missing something we need or love. Maybe we used do tell a self-blame story or some other self-put-down.

No longer! Please read how one person turns to soothing herself, chilling out before embarking on a search for what is mislaid.

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Dana received a beautiful red cashmere scarf with black pom poms. Discovered in a consignment shop, this item sported a designer label and felt ooey-gooey soft to the touch.

Immediately Dana started to wear her new neckwear often.  Involved and happy in life, D threw on her outwear on many days, pulled it off when home and threw it in a pile, kept enjoying her many activities.

One day our heroine noticed she no longer found her new treasure in the pile of other scarves. Where was that wrapping? Not showing up. Uh oh. Look here, look there. Run to another room, rummage. Part of her knew she needed to chill out and trust herself to find it (Recommended action😊). But no Dana kept thinking about it. Imagining scenarios of where it was laid. Oh my soon D realized she was obsessed.

Ok this dear woman came awake. “Oh my,” she heard her mind, “Where is it? Where could I have mislaid it,” a refrain repeated with varying intensity.

Switching, she soothed herself, “I owned it only one week. Obviously, my bright future is not contingent on this winterwear! If I lost it, I remain a sterling person of good character. Let’s make this happenstance ok.

I am feeling embarrassed at the loss and afraid. Yes, I may have made a mistake here, but I can accept myself if I lost something beautiful. My value is not dependent on owning this piece of clothing.”

After years of inner focus, Dana had resilience toward Goodness. She knew herself as competent and adorable. This protagonist remembers, “Things Are Always Going Well For Me!”

D did enjoy the flow of her life! After three days, our gal went into her art room and there under a chair in the corner, she spied a bit of red and black pom poms.  OMG! She had accepted the loss of it and there it was. Hey Ho! her strategy worked: she calmed herself, let it go and the Universe led her back to it. Our star felt great be reunited with this lovely present.

Dana now thought:

  1. “Boy when I get obsessed with something, I have a strong pull to keep at it. Focusing like that, I become temporarily blind to relaxing and other possibilities. It does not feel good at all!
  2. I am learning some of my habits of thought. YAY I am catching myself more and more and then pivoting to a soothing stance.
  3. With the awareness of what I had been doing, I become keener at knowing when I am off track. It is very cool to learn greater skill at this shifting and to let it take some time.
  4. I am ok now, and I can make it ok whatever shows up on the journey of my life.”

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