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Inner Work for Scary Diagnosis


When we, family member, or close friend receives a scary diagnosis, we feel our fear. On a path of empowerment, what thoughts can we reach for to assist us to feel better? What can we appreciate? Here are some suggestions that may soothe.

Inspiring Stories of Recovery

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We can take heart from Lou Ellen’s journey with a potentially deadly form of lymphoma. She informed the oncologist she intended to come see him only for his testing. She crafted a treatment plan of natural alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation, approaches she felt were right for her. After the research, her intuition led her to choices for therapies, diets and more. The journey lasted over two years and now that dear one has celebrated 12 years cancer free after test results showing no evidence of recurrence.

Books like Dying to Be Me,[1] and God in the ICU,[2]and Radical Remissions[3] are filled with accounts of miraculous healings and return to wholeness. Isn’t it wonderful that we can flood our awareness with such tales that show us infinite potential for recovery and hope.

Shift attitudes to more optimistic ones

When fear runs in us, we can observe in ourselves what thoughts are fueling it. When we pause, we may note we believe what doctors say is guaranteed to happen. Oh Wait! Those physicians do their best but we maintain sovereignty over our own selves. I can increase my focus on thriving.

Strengths To Develop

We build inner muscles as we intensify our focus on an intention. It is remarkable how much we learn ourselves and our abilities.

What a great opportunity to practice new discipline of healthful eating and meditation. We might nap more, exercise more effectively. We certainly practice resilience in ways never before imagined.

With Cara, she stuck to a food plan like never before. She took on more careful self-care than she ever thought possible. She experienced energy healers and felt how soothing were their ministrations.

We may face less activity than previously lived and more self love than we ever envisioned.

Finding Faith

We feel resonance with Forces of Good.  We find a deeper comfort in expressions that before were only words:

Source has my back.

Well Being Pours Down

I surrender

Rest in the arms of an Angel

Seeing The Loved One As Whole Now

These loved ones were designed as perfect humans, whole and complete. Focusing there we feel transformed as the calming comes over our nervous system.

How wonderful to appreciate the helpers along the way, the moments of pristine clarity, the exquisite beauty of a tree or flower.  We offer our dear mind some constructive occupation instead of running scenes of unwanted.

Have a parallel story to share? What resonates with you? I love reading your comments.

[1] Moorjani, Anita, Dying to Be Me (Hay House, 2014)

[2]  Turner, Kelly, Radical Remissions: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds (Harper One, 2015)

[3] Walker, David, God in the ICU (2012)

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