Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Building the Capacity for Self Love


So many of us know that when we love ourselves more and more we increase our ability to shape our lives toward more of what we desire.

How to Begin?

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Each day we can appreciate what we can around us. As we get more and more accustomed to this, create a new habit, we can add appreciating some aspects of ourselves.

It is ok for these steps to take as long as they take. As we feel into this journey, we may notice how good we feel as we appreciate. Very rewarding—and more and more fun!

On this road, some may notice the good things that show up even after an unwanted event occurred. Good things flow from all experiences.


Layla backed into her landlord’s car in the driveway one spring day. “Oh my God,” she cried, “What have I done? What an idiot I am!” This gal went about the business of all the reporting about it, took responsibility and her insurance covered the repairs.

Inside herself she felt terrible. But she had been doing this inner work for awhile and as she could, she reached for thoughts that felt better.

No she did not want to suffer on and on. Our star was able to see that the event was over in a flash. This woman did not want to rerun the horror and she did not choose to continue to pour self-blame on herself. 

Soon Layla was able to choose to accept this error. Many reminded her that others have done such a deed. That week her yoga partner told her about the occasion that she backed into her husband’s truck in her own driveway. Alas, she saw the wisdom of making it ok that L had erred. It was ok. And Wow accepting herself as an evolving human felt so much better than self-shaming.

If we practice, we get better at switching to better feeling. As we are aware and want to grow, we can do this more and more.

As Layla looks back at this incident, our heroine sees how she got valuable practice out of experiencing this. She grew in her self-acceptance.

Yes, we can discover Good coming out of these blips! We are aware, we find, we grow!

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