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Living in the Stream of Yes

Pause before Reacting


We can learn to go with the flow. When we hear news that disturbs us, we can use our personal power, exercise mastery over ourselves. Instead of railing against, reacting in anger or defensiveness, we can pause and ask Source for help. We can feel as though things have already gone our way and trust life.

How It Could Go

Hidden Tunnel, 12 x 16, $325

Cathe and Marcy were friends who were running a small project together. They each had students in separate classes, each required equipment that they shared.

The fall season was approaching and Cathe expected some new women interested in learning. Marcy was putting her focus on efforts in antoher location.

Marcy informed Cathe on email that she had designated the majority of the equipment for her use only. In past years the two shared the equipment so that all the classes were covered.

Cathe read this missive feeling tired after a long day filled with other challenges. On first reading C felt hurt, angry and discouraged. Feeling her fatigue and reaction, our star knew she would not respond to M that evening.

Cathe’s approach to thinking it over included an effort to see Marcy’s viewpoint. C did not want to have a power struggle or argue. How could they find a win win?

The Powerful Pause

That night dear Cathe prayed to Source Energy that Marcy would take time to see both sides and allow them to find a better solution with equipment for both of them. Then C let it go, felt good again, went on with her life.

A couple days later Marcy initiated a conversation with Cathe.

Marcy asked C if she had received the note about the what M needed.

“Yes,” Cathe said, “I don’t understand it. I do intend to add some additional students so that I can bring enough income to cover my share of the rent for the space. To do that, I need sufficient equipment.” 

A Solution Pops

They went back and forth a bit. After explaining why she needs a big chunk of the supplies for herself, Marcy conceded that she does have extra at home and could bring them in to C to use.

There it was – a win win emerged! Our heroine enthusiastically applauded that idea and thanked her.

Cathe had gotten what she wanted without any big arguments or fuss. By getting clear what she wanted, asking Source for help, and not dwelling on the situation.

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