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Finding Things Revisited


When we master our emotional reactions to situations of our lives, we experience some pleasing rewards on so many fronts. Off the bat it might not come to mind that finding items we mislay in life represents one of the pay offs.

“Where the heck is that blankety blank?”

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When we cannot find some object wanted, best first to check our attitude. Really?

Yes indeed. We will experience so much more ease in locating what we want when we calm ourselves. Let’s practice knowing that we are fine whether we find it or not.

For Example

Lola had had one birthday party about ten years ago where she was showered with appreciation from the participants. A scribe was appointed to record all this praise on one card, made available for that purpose.

L knew in the future she would enjoy reviewing those compliments to lift her spirits and inspire her in a variety of ways. Indeed, she had looked at it many times over the years.

This story begins when our star wanted to conduct such a perusal again—and L could not find it.

At earlier stages of her growth Lola might have gotten quite upset. She would rail against herself cursing her habits of poor organization, calling herself unkind names and hurling all manner of shame because she could not find that card immediately.

Now though our heroine had more savvy in the ways of Universal Laws and self-mastery.  She skipped the self-flagellation part. Instead, she reminded herself how many times she could not discover an item on a dime and then when more relaxed did locate it. L knew she loved this list of praise, valued it and would take care of it.

When she sat quietly, she had a glimpse of putting it somewhere safe—but at first those clues did not pan out.

She proceeded to check files of correspondence and memorabilia in several places. No luck.

Meanwhile, she started to enjoy perusing all this stuff she had stored. One of the things she found was a file with birthday cards from a celebration 20 years ago where friends listed qualities each observed at that time.

“Hey,” she realized, “I am getting the boost to my self esteem I wanted. I thought I needed this other card but look I am filling my well already! Even less urgency than I had thought to find this lost thing.”

And the relaxed attitude works wonders.

The next day Lola’s glimpse as to where she had stored it expanded. She looked at a box on her shelf (she had already looked at it briskly early on), took it down, went through the first chunk more slowly, and there it was. L had sensed she popped into somewhere convenient and safe—she had!

Do you have a report where you experienced how something was found with ease when sought with ease? Please share!

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