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Living in the Stream of Yes

Aware We Reach for Source Energy


We want to enjoy our lives, and we want to be happy. With so much negative thinking around, we are wise to collect tools to uplift ourselves each day. We can stoke our inspiration with the following:

The Force of Good is pouring down around and through, coursing through our veins, always present. We are composed of this Good!

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I. Ernest Holmes

These words from Ernest Holmes, author of Science of Mind and other work, may lift your spirits.

“Crying out to life, beseeching it to be good, has no effect whatsoever on It. It already is good, Asking it to give you life produces no good results: It has already incarnated in you as you. But inward awareness unifies the intellect with Life and binds the personal man back to the Universal Presence. (emphasis by blog author) This is what is meant by spiritual understanding and realization.”[1]

II. Quickie Uplift Images  

A person sits in a brightly lit room, hands over her own eyes. She complains that it is so dark.

A fellow uses a vacuum cleaner. He works diligently running that machine over the floors in every room. “This thing doesn’t work,” he cries, and then in realization, “Oh Wait! I did not plug it in!” We bring in Good when we consciously connect to Good!”

We can slide a little screen open on my forehead– perceive the flow right there available.

Good pours down, around and through us continuously. We imagine tentacles extending out from our head, flowing up and wrapping into that Good flowing all around us.

III. More Holmes

“That which God is, God has given fully unto me to enjoy….. That life is God’s gift to me. Therefore, this fullness is within me, ready to manifest through me as I partake of it, since I am self-choosing, even though Divinely endowed. I partake of my Divinity only as I let it through. I am always in the midst of plenty everywhere.”[2]

“As we come to surrender all littleness and all fear and doubt, that great river of Life flowing from the Mind of God will renew our vigor, remake out strength ennoble our being, heal our bodies and bring peace to our hearts. As out thoughts are cleared of all that is unlike Him who created us, they come receptacles for the outpouring of all that is good, wonderful and true.”[3]

“Just as the warm rays of the sun will melt the largest iceberg, so a persistent inner perception of the abiding Over-Presence will heal our fears whether they be conscious or subjective; will straighten out our repressions be they every so deeply buried in the unconscious…. To live in conscious communion with Life even for a short time will convert our fears into faith, our doubts into certainty, our hurt and sense of failure into something triumphant.”[4]

Why not play with this conscious connecting. See what happens. What fun if new insights pop in and more of what you desire flows to you!

Please comment with your reactions to these quotations and inspiring thoughts. What are some words that inspire you?  

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