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Ease and Prayer


Many of us in this culture put a lot of effort into what we do. We want to get it correctly, push for success and get the gold star.  But often, we get to pushing too hard and life does not flow well for us. Let’s review an example of how we can be easy and receive the help we need. Please peruse this account of Larry and Marge.


Larry and Marge, a long time happily

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married couple, are facing a crisis. L has been very ill with a slow healing viral condition, and Marge is doing her best to support him.  As this story begins, Larry received notice that he was required to visit the DMV for driver’s license renewal, including photo. Therefore, unfortunately, this fellow suffering in pain would need to leave home during an extraordinary heat wave.

The Plan

As Marge perceived the situation shaping up, she stayed balanced, thought it through carefully and reached for her connection with Source. Clever as a fox, our star saw an opportunity to make the outing even more valuable for the family. She would get a run to the food store in the schedule, too. M directed her focus to lining up conditions for this excursion to go well.

First, this dear woman made sure that Larry had an appointment for his license renewal. These days at DMV a user who completes their business must immediately exit the building. In his condition Marge knew L’s health required him not to wait in the sun and heat for any length of time.

Second, she would run into the grocery adjacent to this Department while L did his vehicle business. Armed with charged cell phone L would go for his appointment; our heroine would get the food.

Request for Help

Our star was accustomed to asking Guides and Angels for help. She filled herself with contentment and envisioned how easily this all can go. M requested assistance for this foray out of the home to go smoothly. What she wanted most was to take good care of her weakened husband.

The day for this coordination arrived. Larry was dropped, Marge went shopping. As Marge was loading the groceries in the car, her phone rang. He was ready for pick up.

She could arrive for him in about one minute.


Her prayers had been answered: it all had gone smoothly and well.

It’s a simple story yet powerful. This loving woman stayed in her heart, connected to Source and got needed response.

Can we retain our balance, trust our divine support and ask for help as we flow along?  Train ourselves to be available for ease. Hmmm. Does that sound good? Please comment. Tell us stories of ease!

About the Author

Janet Pearlman is a spiritual teacher, counselor, healer and artist. She has a gift for inspiring others to know themselves compassionately and to develop skills of empowerment. In her forty-three-year journey of self-discovery, she has deeply studied the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Ernest Holmes and more. Janet offers individual sessions by phone and in person. Please contact her at jpearl@streamofyes.com to arrange an appointment.







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