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Living in the Stream of Yes

The Presentation


As we live actively aware, we are able to notice when habits of thought pop up and start running from inner program we would rather retire. Our attention can assist us—wait a minute—I don’t want to be envisioning problems—despite past experiences, etc. No, let’s shift as we can and go for what is wanted. Please read this illustration:

Joyce was thrilled to receive an invitation to present her way of living to a like minded spiritual group. Fortunately, at the point of being asked to speak the event was months away—plenty of time to prepare.

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At the date came closer, her ideas flowed and so did some of her outdated habits of thought. Oh my, Joyce had some waking up to do getting ready— regarding the choice of videos and points to make, and also in making shifts in her inner environment.

After thinking about this for month, our star found herself quite uncomfortable—admittedly some nerves but wait—what was this—she realized she held a mental picture of a hostile reception. Unconsciously she was visualizing some folks hurling defensive and disagreeing comments her way.

In her gut, J knew she was picking up some element in this group … and she wanted to use the content of her material to greater advantage to herself.

To wit, instead of picturing WHAT SHE DID NOT WANT TO HAPPEN, J did have the option to imagine the participants enjoying her message and soaking it up. She wanted them to learn a bit of something new.

And Joyce chose to pivot. She felt enthusiastic about her message and envisioned the audience being interested and feeling better when listening to it.

When speech day, she did get some jitters. Since our heroine knows some ways to help herself, she grabbed her index finger and held onto it (Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help. See https://streamofyes.com/jin-shin-jyutsu/. To her delight it worked well and quickly, in less than five minutes she felt the fear drain away.

This dear woman planned to have fun offering this thinking.

And she did.

During the talk, two women did throw some curve balls.

In the place of strength and happiness, in the gestalt of feeling quite good, Joyce handled those pitches harmoniously and with a smile on her face. The event went well—she received many accolades.

Joyce had enjoyed a grand illustration of Connection to Source Energy—the protection and the joy – while providing a service.

Do you have such an experience that you feel moved to share? Please comment with it! This helps build connection and unity!

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