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Thrown a Lifeline


In this blog we talk much about how we reach for feeling better. Are we “bad” or “wrong” when we feel “not so good?” Of course not. We are active in our process of becoming. In fact, when we dip, we are guaranteed expansion as we receive clarity on what we do want. Read this story to learn more:

As this tale begins, Audrey had had interaction with a male friend. During that day A enjoyed the sporting

Sea Marsh I, 16 x 20, $475

Sea Marsh I, 16 x 20, $475

event and the shared time.

Afterwards she started to ask herself thoughts common to this culture, “Was it ok to be friends with this man? Did she want “something more” from the interaction?”

Before long our star discovered that she felt kind of shut down and uncomfortable. What just happened? She analyzed her feelings, his qualities; she reviewed the past. Know what? None of that felt good!

Even though A realized this, she could not move to another feeling state on a dime. Yes, again she was reminded that reaching for feeling good does often take some passage of time. Audrey made that ok.

Later the next day A went to a healer for a session. At the start of the session our dear woman asked for help from the healer to raise her vibration.

The healer proceeded and together they dealt with other aspects of A’s condition. Toward the end of the appointment, they returned to Audrey’s request to feel happier.

At this juncture, our protagonist burst into tears, her feelings intensified. There was some fear to release, yes. She sobbed a bit. Then suddenly, as she was crying a song popped into her mind, one not heard for a good long while.

The words and a tune: “I am living in the heart of God. I am living in the heart of God.”

Seriously. (Forces that helped out did not care if it was corny.)  In fact, that music playing in her head was very soothing!

With the melody playing in her head, her mood started to lift. Very soon she felt tremendously better. She felt ease as the tune played for hours!

A gift from spirit. Audrey asked and it was given!

Here she might have thought she was “not good” because she felt poorly. NO!  A began her pivot, she asked the Universe for help and she was thrown a lifeline. How wonderful to know how that can work! Yowser!

Do you want to share one of your stories of getting relief? Please comment! We uplift one another.


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