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Building Self Esteem


Some of us may have a habit of thought with some version of “I am not sure I can. I feel inadequate to pull off this next step.”  We may gain value from reading about how one person gained momentum on building self esteem with focused effort in mere months not years.

For sure, Teresa felt enthusiasm for sharing tools and tips for cultivating happiness. This gal had studied this topic for many years and daily practiced in her own life.

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T had presented on the subject and those in attendance responded energetically and enjoyment. In break out pods T engaged participants in discussions where they shared what they love, things for which they are grateful and wonderful memories. The session led those at first unknown to one another together, each listening attentively and making new friends. Her program served as a great ice breaker at that conference!

A few days later T was sent structured feedback which included a few comments which were critical in nature. Reading the “evaluation” our heroine felt taken aback by those negative statements. The conference organizer seemed to give those remarks on the survey credence and seemed to communicate some disappointment with T’s performance. Teresa was a first timer presenting and had prepared for this opportunity for half a year. T felt flooded with discouragement.

In the same month that she accepted the invitation to speak, our star also was invited to teach tips on inspiration at an adult education center. The date for the class was approaching. Would she promote it? Did she feel ready to be a cheerleader for this?  

Preparation: Mojo Flows

To build her self-esteem and to support her confidence for this next class, our protagonist took these steps. She:

  1. Recalled how she felt when she began this venture.
  • Flowed with her excitement about helping others enjoy their lives more.
  • Visualized what felt good about this opportunity.
  • Thought, “Hey I have cultivated happiness for myself, practicing what I teach, improving bit by bit.

Going further our heroine ruminated, “I find it so enjoyable to impart what I have integrated to those ready to improve their lives with greater awareness to their thoughts and feelings. If they follow the steps, it is so advantageous to their lives! The stuff of this self-mastery definitely changes lives!”

Now feeling inspired this dear woman put forth, “Well let’s see if I can put together a flyer for this class.” Teresa found a great template, discovered a visual that would work successfully. Content came to her. A friend both cheered on her first attempt and made a few on target improvements.

T publicized the event. Continually, this presenter immersed herself in how good it feels to teach this material. In developing the flyer and picturing people receiving it, she remembered the “how” of being happy herself. Some respondents cheered her on and complimented her flyer. She got some mojo going!

No Go

The coordinator at this second venue notified her that there was not sufficient enrollment for the class to run. In a year this class would be advertised again to solicit enrollment.

T felt a dip and then continued to recall how good it felt to feel this energy running, how she excelled at both imparting this info and in living it. 😊

Angel Kiss

Next day, Teresa was having a good day and went food shopping. Filling her basket in the store, she bumped into an acquaintance. That person asked what she was currently into and T shared that she was planning to teach cultivate happiness.

“Oh I am very interested in that,” declared the friend, “Please send me the materials so I can participate. Don’t forget!”

Wow that felt like an angel kiss! Unbidden grace! Validation that many will want this offering. A welcomed message of “Keep Going.”

Another Sign

One woman had indicated “going” to the posting on social media (before the days of so many events online). Since the respondent resided in North Carolina, our heroine assumed this person was not really planning to attend. T knew this NCer and Teresa reached out to her. Know what happened? Our star arranged a private online session focused on “Living an Inspired Life!” So that mojo going produced immediate result! Pretty Cool!

Isn’t it good to see how the Universe sent those to her?

The more one practices noticing outdated thinking and turning it around, the better one uplifts oneself and the faster the process works. Want to put a toe in this water and try it out? If you do, please share your results. We all benefit by supporting one another!

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