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Stories of Personal Power


We have wanted to enhance our personal power more than we easily do now. Ernest Holmes stated this:

“I realize that all the Good there is, all the Presence there is, all the Power there is, is immediately available and responsive to my acceptance. “[1]

Bit by bit these posts are explaining how we can find this more and more. The stories contain everyday examples of how the protagonist focused in a specific way and got some results. Here are two:

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Story # 1

Candy was asked to co-lead a poetry group at the local community center. The other co-leader felt a bit intimidated by the diversity of those attending and by how they behaved. Some members seemed to dominate the gathering, one even making a couple of comments that bordered on belligerent.  Some were so much more outspoken personalities than others. What to do?

Candy wanted to encourage more harmony in the attendees. Her approach was to offer each member respect, to assist in creating a space where each person was afforded time and attention on their turn to read their pieces. C had given some thought to this situation. C mused, “Let’s see if we can focus on what we DO want here and not talk about behavior we don’t like.”

When it was her turn to read a poem, our star read ones that felt uplifting, relishing beauty, and looking for the best in humans.

Even in the first meeting the group behavior stabilized. One man who had previously dominated discussion went out of his way to be supportive and kind to the soft spoken woman. At the second meeting the one who had previously made an aggressive comment smiled alot and upon leaving stated how much he enjoyed the group.

The atmosphere had changed without any stern lectures.

Candy had focused on attention for all and observed the refreshed atmosphere proved the desired effect.  This had been her guidance, “Hold the wanted atmosphere oneself, and be the example. Reach for a light hearted presence.”

Story #2

Jenny had decided to stay married. Her partner, Bill, habitually drank and spoke derogatory and inflammatory comments. Undaunted J went about uplifting herself with close attention to what thoughts she entertained. A busy woman, this heroine had many projects that required her attention, student lessons to run and more.

Jen stopped being reactive to snide comments from her husband. No longer could he get her attention that way. J spoke with him directly, in neutral tones and kept herself satisfied inside with her many accomplishments. Each day she affirmed her good life, expected good and got it.

What about this marriage? Bill began slowly to become more positive. After awhile, this man went out of his way to do some kind and genuinely helpful things. B bought her a car when she needed one. This man stepped up to some urgent chores and more.

Did J “control him”. Not at all. She created an influence with her power within.

Do you have comments or questions on this post? Do you want to recount a tale of how you or another used this type of inner power? Please comment.  We are changing the world each day with our inner capacities!

[1] Ernest Holmes, 365 Science of Mind Reader, (New York, Jeremy P Tarcher/Penguin, 2007) 74

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