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The Power of Seeing Innocence


Many of us judge ourselves. Our culture shaped us that way. Then we may avoid the pain and fear of that judgment.

Let’s make it ok to feel uncomfortable feelings including fear, guilt, shame. Making it ok to feel our feelings is a foundational step in our self-awareness and growth. These discomforts tip us off that a habit of thought is operating in us, and we know we can shift those bit by bit.

In that gaze inside, can we take the stance of our innocence, view ourselves as a deeply loving figure would?

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Some use the phrase “See as God Sees”

The Fear Reaction

Kaleigh was following one teacher on line and enjoying the inspiration and growth the woman sparked inside her. In a podcast recently K listened and reacted with fear.

The teacher seemed to be deviating from her key message: encouraging the listeners to do inner work, reaching past hurts and acculturations to align more and more with pure love. Instead, this leader appeared to recommend very specific actions from her followers with a warning if he or she did not there would be dire consequences.

Kaleigh heard this person recommend actions that were very time consuming and difficult. K rebelled inside. Earlier the leader had crafted messages wanting each “student” to think for his or herself and check out recommended actions with individual personal guidance internally.

Our heroine felt confused, uncomfortable, threatened.

What did K do?

First of all, she made it ok to feel thrown off her game, to experience all those feelings coming up. The swirl of K’s strong response did not clear in just one day or two.

Kaleigh made that ok.

She proceeded to focus on other activities, ones she enjoyed: eating out, juicy conversations, trips to local beach, gripping novel and more. Additionally, she made lists of people for whom she was grateful to have as friends and she recalled some qualities of hers she delighted to offer the world.

As she did this, our star felt good and happy again.

And after several days when she then put focus on what had troubled her, Kay could proceed, assimilate what she liked, discard the rest. She felt her own power and she felt strong.

Seeing herself as innocent during this process represented such a fundamentally important first step. In making it ok we know the judging voice is not true. We know that we always have a Loving Figure inside us accepting us throughout our journey of unfolding.

On top, we discover that we are easily able to see others in our life as innocent too and release our judging habits.

Do you want to report on an occasion where you accepted yourself and then were able to shift your thinking? Please share! 

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