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Reframe that Thought!


Flowers Arising, 36 x 38, SOLD

Flowers Arising, 36 x 38, SOLD

In building our muscles of self-mastery, we have many habits of thought to reform. We want to lay down new neural pathways that conduct our positive thinking and feeling. Since so much practice is required, reading the account of one person’s shifting is bound to inspire 😊.

Haley was listening to an inspirational recording. The speaker was confident and upbeat. Thought the orator meant to rally the listener to actions more courageous and

self-assured, at that moment H felt lesser. It was as though that message was across a canyon from where she was currently located. Intellectually she got it but emotionally she did not yet experience it viscerally. Not yet.

“Isn’t it great that I DO notice how I feel?” thought Haley. “I feel myself cringing. I hear my inner voice saying,

‘You cannot live into that! You aren’t good enough for that. These ideas are beyond me’ ”

At first the familiar judging attitude sounded true. But, our heroine was waking up “Wait a minute—that feels lousy. I want to re-frame that!”

Forthwith, this protagonist took herself to her contemplation corner, writing tools in hand. Two processes came to her, and she did both.

First, Haley listed what she knew to be true about herself– all kinds of good stuff, an assortment of appreciation. She thought, “I have:

Grown enormously

Raised my self esteem

Increased my awareness of my thoughts and feelings and to a degree that of others.

Exceeded the expectations of my beloved mentors

Developed much more self-confidence!

Used my gifts daily

Allowed myself to feel more and more loved

Noticed my successes

Become aware of the value I add to others, the world around me.”

Second, this Dear One reminded herself about big picture truths that uplift:

The put downs are habits of thought – those do not reflect my true value.

There are no mistakes

Nothing is going wrong

I am expanding constantly.

Love is all there is.

Before too long Haley’s thoughts felt easier, and she noticed her affect rise. “Hey I feel more optimism and energetic,” she realized.

It shifted everything when she felt enough again. Wow so great to invest the time to shift, to pivot inside herself!

Did H forget again after that refocusing? Yes, and it is completely ok, expected! Humans require much repetition to build new patterns of thought. Over and over again, notice the unwanted feelings and thoughts, use compassion, gently state the good that you know.

This is what the process looks like of becoming more and more consistent in feeling good :).

Want to try it out? Haley recommends it and loves her pay off. If you experiment with this kind of thing, please report in! Other questions? Please comment! We all are alchemists of ourselves!


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