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Good Vibes Bring Miracle


Isn’t it great when we get help from unseen forces? We begin to “have problems,” take each step and trust Spirit.

Things can start to “go wrong.” When we find ourselves in a barn, shoveling excrement, we remain light hearted, looking for the pony?? Who knew this can apply to electronics too? Read how Vivian flowed along and received assistance along the way.

Acton Coral Bog II, 16 x 20, $395

Acton Coral Bog II, 16 x 20, $395

It all started with a glance at her phone. Vivian finished up teaching Nia, packing up to move onto her next agenda item, took a glance at her phone. “Oh my,” exclaimed our star, “What was that little line of text moving across the top of the screen.

Something about no Sims card, emergency calls only. Uhhh, that does not sound good.”

Out went she to the nearest store of her provider, ATT. The friendly salesclerk proved very competent. Multi-tasking while serving another customer, he took out the sim card, put it back in, restarted the phone. It seemed to work—she made one call from the device in the shop. V left happy.

In a couple of hours our heroine checked her phone again—the line of type across the top—emergency calls only was back.

With purpose, Vivian juggled her afternoon appointments to allow her to return to the ATT store before it closed. Popping into her head was a vision of dealing with no phone or with negotiating for a phone on the following day—hey that was her birthday! V did not want to celebrate by handling that! Attitude so far: staying calm, enjoying her moment.

Before long she was again walking into the ATT store.  The ATT representative replaced her sim card with a new one, no charge. The phone was restarted and it seemed to work.

She felt good and moved on to her next activity.

About three hours later, the phone had that message again “no sim card” Undaunted, this persistent woman decided to go into Best Buy where she bought it. In the store two different helpful men, a salesman and a geek squad rep, both advised her to contact the customer service of the manufacturer of the phone. They would handle any returns, repairs or replacements. This device was not yet a year old.

Home she went. Soon our heroine was on the line with Motorola customer service. Ok She reached for calm as she responded to many screening questions by the responding voice. After half an hour, V was advised that no technical support available was available until tomorrow.

Ten pm and time to rest. Vivian put the device on its charger and went upstairs to bed. Tossing and turning, she had time to pause. She formulated a plan to designate an hour in the morning to talking with Motorola Tech support to see what she could do about her phone.

Needing to reach for a more serene demeanor, our dear one shifted her thought. There were so many good things in her life. So many good people so much to enjoy. She remembered the big picture. These blips pop up and then are put behind her. Not that big a deal.

An intuitive flash came to her: go downstairs and turn off the phone. Give it a complete rest. She did that.

Next morning, she woke to her birthday. Vivian had some juicy supportive activities planned: a massage, a friend taking her to lunch, a walk and a yoga class. Yum!

Down the stairs went she and turned on the phone. Hey it looked ok—no ominous small text across the upper screen.

The server had delivered some texts and phone messages from the day before when the phone was offline. Hmmm.

Hey! This phone is working! Vivian never did call Motorola.

As the first, then second hour of the day unfolded, this good heart felt a feeling of wonder coming over. That phone got repaired somehow. It felt like Spirit delivered her a fabulous service. She felt like some kind of special princess— gifts bestowed upon her. What a great start to her birthday!

The phone had had no further tinkering past getting the new sim card. It had continued to have its symptoms into the evening. But now recharged and rebooted, it functioned well.

What great pay off for focusing her vibration!

Got any stories of miraculous repair of electronics? Or other fun stories of this ilk to share? Please share the wealth!



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