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How do we describe what’s going on for us? We are learning just how important our own attitude is toward what happens for us.

When something is off in our bodily condition, we can become frightened and formulate what’s occurring such that we intensify our fear.

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Instead, we can weave a tale of Well Being, knowing the Forces of Good are always surrounding and protecting us. There is a pony of success in this barn of unwanted waste. Read about Tabitha’s situation and turn-around.


Tabitha diagnosed herself with a urinary tract infection, a circumstance she found distressing. Western medicine usually prescribes an antibiotic for treatment of this condition. T had experienced an unfortunate number of these disharmonies, so she knew what doctors often prescribed.

For T’s being this antibiotic disrupts her overall functioning. She feels sick in other body systems for months if she used that medicine.

As an alternative, our heroine turned to an herbal treatment regimen that had worked in the past.  When first identified, the condition brought painful and dramatic symptoms; after 10 days on the herb T soothed those extreme reactions. At this point in our tale, T still experienced some discomforts.

Tabitha thought, “If I don’t get rid of this infection, it will spread to my kidneys and then I will be seriously ill! So I “should” go on the antibiotic.

But, if I go on the antibiotic, I will stop that spread, but then I will suffer in other ways—digestion and more—and for longer than I prefer.

I perceive a no-win conundrum: this situation is so distressing!”

An intervention

Tabitha consulted Wise Counsel for help.

Wise Counsel gently pointed out that T felt agitated and suffered in a conflicting mental state. In feeling so afraid, T suffered from both symptoms and upset.

With Jin Shin Jyutsu we allow the robust flow of Well Being bringing calm, relaxation and more.  Wise Counsel suggested some JSJ for T. With this art of harmonizing the body’s energy, T could 1) stop the progress of this condition, and 2) shift to more relaxed thinking in place of the fear.

The star felt satisfaction with her session. Immediately she popped with ideas for further adjustment to her self-care and felt the presence of Forces of Good from unseen levels. Hooray Tabitha felt better!

The next day T visited the doctor and discovered the infection no longer showed up in her urine. In about one more day T enjoyed more vibrancy!

Healing Underway

In her mind she made the case that the discomforts she still felt were indicative that the disease process roared within her, but in fact, her healing was well underway. T continued some of her fearful thoughts, and still T’s dear body had been healing well from her herb and other care.  The power of Well Being did remediate those unwanted symptoms despite the fearful emotions. We can assess our circumstances more clearly when we align with Forces of Good and can access modalities that deliver results.

Do you have stories like this that you would enjoy sharing? Please comment with them.  We are very much enriched by one another!

We can notice how we frame our “problems” and set up for more success. Let’s tell a story that support ourselves.

About the Author

Janet Pearlman is a spiritual teacher, counselor, healer and artist. In these posts composed of true stories, she inspires others to know themselves and compassionately to develop skills of empowerment. In her forty-five year journey of self-discovery, she has deeply studied the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Ernest Holmes and more. Janet offers individual sessions by phone and in person. Please contact her at jpearl555@earthink.net to arrange an appointment.

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