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Living in the Stream of Yes

Positive Spins


We have all heard the expression, “Make the best of things.” Have you been playing around with that? Getting some practice?

It is one of those great ideas. When we try it out, we can tune viscerally into the pay off. Seriously, let’s tune into the experience of looking for the good beyond just the idea.

Some Examples

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  1. Mary Lou

Mary Lou lived with a man for 25 years. They shared a lot of good experiences, grew tremendously. Each got to express and develop some talents. They cared for one another.

May Lou’s partner wanted more variety and adventure. He felt stale in his life. And he took bold moves, wanted independence, wanted to be bought out of the house and to go his own way.

Mary Lou resisted it at first, gave him plenty of time. ML Made the case for staying together. And then one day she understood she had to let go. And off he went.

At first it did seem like a tragedy. But guess what?

In a year and a half she met a man, got intuitive guidance to move south and started a new life herself.

She made unexpected large profit on selling her house.

When she tells the story, now years later, she recounts it as an amazing unforeseen boon to her life. What an unexpected opportunity!

  1. Gary  

Gary lived in the US during the period when many folk stayed at home more of the time than their accustomed routine. For a good while this was uncomfortable and he struggled with missing activities and more companionship.

As some time passed our hero discovered these positive spins for this interlude:

  1. He began walking every day as a way to get fresh air and exercise.
  2. This man placed greater appreciation and value on each phone call he received.
  3. Friends became more precious to him
  4. He became more self-supporting and increased his resilience.
  5. Posts, videos and other online sources of positive news touched him more deeply and he accessed new parts of himself.

When we tell our stories, we can bring a new observer to the exercise. What good can we emphasize to ourselves and our listeners? It feels so good to recognize what flows to us all the time.

Want to share some stories from your life? We would love to hear all those positive spins.

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