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We notice that life produces all kinds of stimulation. Can we stay loose, can we trust Life, “roll with the punches,” can we “take it in stride,” keep our balance and look for what we can enjoy? These are forms of having faith. Yes we can! 😊

A Recent Story

Evolving Selves IV, 24 x 30

Maria owned a stereo system circa 2000.

The cd component had time when it functioned poorly, e.g. the drawer did not go in immediately and for a good while it kept returning to acceptable performance. Then one day the unit ceased to open on command, then it did open and would not close. Maria got it to close and decided this device was giving up the ghost at last. Good service for 22 years!

At first M did feel a temptation, an old habit, to list reasons this was her fault. “She should have anticipated this breakdown. She should have pursued more digital music.” Wow she was grateful these days it was so easy to skip the “self-should upon” tirade.

Our protagonist did have some things to which she could listen digitally but still she owned many CDs and valued them. M wanted to replace that device.

Now what? Maria researched online and learned the price of cd players new and used. Some were available on the craigslist and ebay type venues. Cheapest – around $60. One friend advising her recommended spending no more than $25.

Meanwhile our star realized she could play a cd on her laptop. Further,she observed how rarely she actually did not want to play a compact disk that often.

Off she ventured and found a selection at Salvation Army, got some advice her selection, spent $13 and brought it home. M discovered she had bought a unit that did not fit into the stereo cabinet she had. Oops.

In her life our heroine really leaned on help from more knowledgeable friends and family for tasks like hooking up this kind of thing. She reached out.

Along the way, Maria went inside and put this cd situation in perspective. No adrenaline was required here. M thrived without that cd component working; this woman went on with other pursuits, enjoyed herself.

After a bit one of the friends who would help her, an electrical engineer, texted that she could help soon. In addition, it turned out that dear friend could bring over an old cd player when she came to assist, one that would fit in the cabinet. Wow Maria had attracted a solution to her problem as she got her mind off it. Wow again. The engineer arrived and within a half hour all worked well, install job done! So easy!

Please take away this: when we can chill out with a “problem,” the Universe will help us solve it. Stay loose; trust your life!

Want to share an example from your life? Please do! We are all connected!

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