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The Images We Create


As we travel through life, we create images from the inputs around us. On one level this is an obvious point. How many of us realize that we can shift our reactions?

We can grow more skillful at noticing the images in our heads and if not towards our upliftment, shifting them. It can feel like what we envision is just “the truth” that is outside us. But no, in fact we create the image, we can choose our perception and related emotional reactions to the stimulus.

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Some Illustrations

1. Body Image

When Lorraine was a pre-teen, she had enthusiasm for the horse in gymnastics. She loved the forward roll over that piece of equipment.

One day she went over and landed with a plop. She does not remember what the teacher who was spotting said but she never used that piece again.

In her mind she was majorly overweight, not athletic, awkward and in all sports, hopeless. With that self- image she had no confidence, felt shamed and went off back to her studies where she excelled.

If she had had an inner picture of a resilient young woman, a bit plumb perhaps, but loaded with potential for building skills, she would have been more likely to persist.

2. Lyme disease

Some contract Lyme disease and read about the numerous symptoms and ill effects. There are those who get frightened by all the negative possibilities and start to picture their body with those reactions.

Jalmina refused to read all that. After a few weeks of experiencing various discomforts, one morning in a meditation she received a prayer. It went like this:

The Source Energy that Aligned the Planets and Keeps them in their Orbit

The Divine Power that Infuses Life into Every Leaf on Every Tree

The Force that Creates Every Creature that Walks this Earth

That Force Courses through MY veins,

Is that Force of Good daunted by some nasty (lyme) spirochetes Ha!

In her quiet time, when she said this (usually) aloud, our heroine would feel a rush of fresh energy even when fatigued.

Though feeling low energy and a bit depressed, the power of this image was visceral!

3. Difficulty in Walking

Rochelle experienced periodic swelling in her legs and during the worst of the episode walked with irregular gait. When it was not an undue strain, still she walked for her exercise.

What did she hold in her mind while trekking along? She envisioned herself at ease, confident, taking strides that were playful, even experimenting with a strut or dance steps.

She could call up lively and reach for feeling as good as she can. Appreciating the sunshine.

Did that image eliminate the condition in two days? No it did not. However, she did enjoy her time as her body healed and in several weeks with some supplements and herbal treatments she returned to normal.

The image she held kept her feeling upbeat. Therefore the suffering from this condition was dramatically reduced and its duration less relevant.

Was this helpful? Do you feel inspired to pay more attention to images you generate? Please comment with thoughts, questions, stories. We grow together.


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