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Isn’t it empowering to read examples of HOW to use personal power? How does it look and what steps does an empowered person take? Readers, be educated! Peruse below an illustration where body, mind and spirit are activated to heal.

The Malaise

Rhea wanted to relish her last evening on vacation. The next morning, she would head home

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driving seven hours two days in a row before arriving at home. After having share dinner with her friend,  she noticed abdominal discomfort. Impressive waves of nausea were passing through and a bit of a headache too.

“Wait a minute!” this dear woman exclaimed, “Let me address this right away.” Using her knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Rhea placed her right hand on where her neck meets her shoulder. And, she sat on her left hand. These hand positions have reliably soothed feelings of nausea for her. Holding for twenty minutes R felt some relief and then relaxed her arms.

After some exchange with her hostess, again she observed the ill feeling arising. “I want to turn this condition around. I want to be well for tomorrow,” Rhea affirmed to herself.

Turning in early, she went to her room to apply more hands and focus her intention. First some soothing words. “It will be ok not to leave. I am welcome to take another day to recover if I need to. I can feel that gentleness.”

Then, laying on her side, R applied those hand positions for relief of nausea. After a few minutes, she felt the nausea ease. With it flowed a sensation of well-being.

As she experienced relief, it was easy to review what a wonderful trip she had had, including feelings of deep friendship, the fun.

The Spiritual Treatment

 A spiritual treatment is an invocation for what you want, a form of prayer. Here are the steps Rhea followed that night:

  1. Bring to awareness the awesome Power of Love, Well Being and Unity. Feel into it. It Surrounds You
  2. Embody this Force of Good. You are its agent!
  3. The declaration: I am vigorous now.
  4. Appreciate your health
  5. Realize only what is for the Highest Good will unfold.

Our star also applied an essential oil for digestion.

Then she focused on these steps as she drifted off to sleep.

Next morning Rhea had slept fine. As she was first awakening, she felt some bit of weakness, a residual from the previous night.

She decided to reapply that Jin Shin Jyutsu hand position and to repeat the spiritual treatment.

This empowered woman devoted some time to bask in this relaxation. Before too long she arose and felt her strength rise up.

Quote from Ernest Holmes

Try this quotation for amplifying a rebound of personal power.

“As we surrender all littleness and all fear and doubt, that great river of Life flowing from the Mind of God will renew our vigor, remake our strength, ennoble our being, heal our bodies and bring peace to our hearts.

As our thoughts are cleared of all that is unlike Him who created us, they become receptables for the outpouring of all that is good, wonderful and true.” [1]


When our heroine walked downstairs to breakfast, she felt ready for packing up and a full day of driving.

Murmuring sweet nothings into her own ear, she knew vitality was streaming.  R had succeeded in using her personal power to affirm her health, clear her mind, and embrace her journey.

Do you have questions about how to apply this to your dilemmas? Please email Janet. She would value the opportunity to be of assistance to you.

[1] Holmes, Ernest, 365 Science of Mind Reader, (New York,:Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penquin, 2001)111

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