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Generosity and the Flow of Good


Golden One, Diptych 30 x 40, $990

Golden One, Diptych 30 x 40, $990

Doesn’t it feel good to be generous and freely give? We love to cooperate with one another and offer what we can. We aren’t inspired by possible pay offs and yet those can flow anyway. This story makes the point.

Sheridan loves the jewelry that her friend Clara creates. She had been very happy with the many necklaces

she’d bought. Then one day pursuing the inventory, S spotted a green stone bracelet and picked that up for her collection.Soon afterwards, our star noticed the bracelet had fallen off her wrist during yoga. There it was on the rug. No problem she put it back on. Then after another couple of days she looked at her wrist and realized the bracelet had come off… somewhere. Not good.

As she felt her disappointment at the loss, she also wished that Clara would make her another one. It was the style of clasp that just did not work well for wrists.

Soon Sheridan told Clara what had happened. Clara immediately agreed to make her another one—S did not ask. What a generous woman was this jeweler!

Also going on in this period, S was clearing her house, included her closets for spring cleaning. As she went through her tops she found a black one that was a famous designer name but just too big for her. Thinking of her friend Clara our star put that aside to deliver to C when she could.

Within a couple of weeks, Sheridan and Clara met at a grow event that they both enjoy.

Clara delivered the remade bracelet and it turned out that day, S brought the top for C.

To S’s delight, this generous friend had wanted to find a black top and this one was great for her!

What a lovely confluence! Both parties glad to give freely and both unexpectedly got treats!

Isn’t it fun when we attract that! Let’s keep our eyes on the good in life!

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