Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Noting Progress


Much of growth comes gradually. Moment by moment day by day we develop and practice new habits of thought. Forces of Good are always pouring down, around, and through us.

Gosh how do we know when we are making progress? Become aware. Take note of when the “feelings not so good” arise. Then choose another thought, maybe put attention on the beauty around you right now.

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A Story

Clancy had been focusing on her growth for years. Yes, she had noticed so many past fears easing and some releasing. For sure, she experienced more fun year by year.

The other day Clancy was vacuuming the rug. Quickly and on a deadline, she worked the living room carpet and then switched to getting areas around the entry and near the stereo. (This pile of components is rarely used these days.) Still it has wires coming off it, one a form of antenna for the radio.

As our heroine pushed the roller tool, C came dangerously close to the stuff on the floor. Then the dreaded happened: the wires did get caught in the cleaning device—the process immediately came to a halt.

No big deal for many but this woman was not at all handy.

Our star sat on the floor, looked at the rug cleaning roller “Well I guess I can just unroll these wires,” she thought. She started, soon they seemed stuck. Soon inside she was declaring  “We need help. Oh God! I turn stuff like this over to someone more competent.”

And yes, Clancy felt feelings of fear arise—actually something a lot like panic. “We don’t have anyone here to ask. Oh No!”

But wait a minute! Pause, pause.

Clancy realized she was going down an older habitual thought pattern. Instead, she thought “I can keep going. Let me continue to unroll the wires, loosen the stuck places. I can be ok doing this.”

Our dear protagonist took a breath. She changed body position, got her glasses, and saw the exercise as “playing with it.”  After all, C knew the basic idea—jiggle, wiggle, unroll, pull out sections and repeat.

Very soon she amazed herself and got the wires free—herself. Only a few minutes had passed.

The fear voice had not predicted her skill accurately. She could do it herself and did. It wasn’t even that hard.

Wow she could note important progress. She felt the panic rise and then she kept going. The Fear was not the truth. Minor occurrence? No how wonderful to gain more personal power. YAY!

Got success stories? Please share them in the comments. We are gaining more power together.

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