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Silent Focus that Helps


Often we want to help another who is suffering in some way: physically or emotionally. Really how can we offer help in an effective way? We have all witnessed those who attempt to help with brow beating others to change their ways. We know about those who send links to valuable information, referral to other sources of help.

Is there something we can personally do right now? We can tap into the Forces of Good. We can use our personal power and the alignment with Source Energy.

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Yes, we flood our own consciousness with feeling good, feeling connected to the object of our focus, with knowing that person’s wholeness and our own. We fill ourselves with the experience of Well Being, Peace and Contentment, that which we want for the other.  

What does this look like?

An Illustration

Tara was called to her mother’s bedside to support her hundreds of miles from her home. For many years our heroine had wanted to protect herself from the judging statements of her mom, Greta. Those maternal statements hurt her. To cope Tara guarded her heart when around her. How was she going to offer this injured person love from behind an emotional shield?

Our star had learned how to use her powers of thought to connect with Source Energy. Sitting in quiet time, she calmed herself, and thought about Forces of Good. She was able to call up soothing and loving feelings in herself for herself. She let go of that “shield” for this experiment.

Tara pictured Greta healthy strong, master of her impulses, feeling happy.   T’s mom had been a dancer in her youth and now G envisioned her mother dancing happily in a bubble of light.

For days on end Tara sat by the hospital bed, visiting, and in her mind she ran this mental picture, not mentioning a word about this. Greta might complain, chat or sleep and T held this image—it felt good. She felt calmed and content in herself.

Results were more effective than T could have imagined. From a woman who complained and spoke in irritation, Greta became a very positive person. 

The task of facilitating good hospital care became easier. People and resources began to showing up easily for Greta. When a problem arose, a resolution would present itself. Before too long G was in a better and better mood.

Greta began appreciating the hospital staff. Visitors came, and she had fun talking with them, basking in the attention. Much time was spent with her playing around and laughing. Though her physical body declined, this dear woman experienced much happiness in her last weeks. She seemed to revel in the Forces of Good.

This mother had raised Tara – yet in her last two weeks mom offered daughter more appreciations than in the whole of 55 years up to this point.

Tara had marshalled her focus, putting in that concentration to ease her experience and receive the comfort of it. In that process it was as though Tara had created an atmosphere of Light, of positive energy, that Greta could choose to join.  

Our heroine sat quietly with an intent focus om the Forces of Good and the atmosphere conjured proved extremely helpful.

Do you have comments? Have you tried this yourself or want to fun an experiment. Please report in. We grow together!

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