Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Rewards for Attention


We go through our lives looking for evidence of the Forces of Good. As we appreciate continually what we find, we enhance the fun we have in living.

For Instance

Imagined Landscape, 20 x 24, $550

Cally lives in a duplex—two units of housing that share one wall. This week part of the household of the neighbor (woman and teenagers) moved out.

Boy oh Boy all manner of stuff got piled high in the trash. Those clearing out were not going for recycling. In the pile Cally took note of an electronic flat screen and a laptop. Gee I wonder if they worked. This protagonist did not have desire or skill set to use them herself.

On Monday morning the disposal company works on Cally’s street. Her duplex had a much larger pile of refuse. When C sits at her laptop desk, she can turn her head left and get a good view of the trash being picked up. 

This week our heroine happened to be working, when she heard the truck stop at her house. How did the workers react to the big pile?

There right outside her window she observed a wonder:

One of the trash men grabbed the screen and laptop—literally jumping for joy. He took a minute to put his finds in the passenger section of the vehicle.

Cally got to witness the Universe handling those discarded but valuable objects. They found a loving home right before her eyes, she a delighted witness.

Take Away

We get pay offs when looking for Good.

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