Janet Pearlman

Living in the Stream of Yes

Notice the Buzz and Shift


We can have fun noticing “every day” miracles, outcomes we want that give us a boost of pleasure. It is particularly satisfying when we shifted our thinking and got a desired result. As we practice, we focus easily.

Daria admired a man online and did some flirting. In this world of internet dating, she had connected with Mr L a few months ago, they had a few phones. Mostly they texted. Thousands of miles distance daunted the thoughts of meeting in person for another chunk of months.

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D liked this man from the notes and phone calls. When Mr L announced he was going to do a project in Italy for months she clearly stated, “I am going to continue to date online. Since I have not met you, I will keep interacting with other men. This seems like the sane response,” she told him.

D enjoyed his brief texts and mostly did not initiate messages. Why not write him? One day he asked her. Immediately the words came up. “I do not want to attach to a phantom.,” she said.

Weeks turned into months. She interacted online and she noticed that the qualities she saw in Mr L pleased her more than those of many fellows who lived much closer.

Daria continued to reach for feeling good as her highest priority. This protagonist focused on developing more clarity and love.  One morning she realized she felt a yearning to hear from Mr L; he had not texted for two weeks. 

Yearning? What was this? That was not feeling good. What was going on with her? She sat and made some declarations to herself. This heroine brought forth her power to feel better now. Daria was:

  1. Composed of love, and D loved herself.
  2. Completely loveable and this dear woman would attract love whether or not Mr L wrote or did not write.
  3. Strong and our star focused on being stronger. Yes, she attracted love and Yes, she could feel good right now.

Then Daria released the issue and proceeded with agenda for her day.

Within 4 hours, D heard a ding on her phone, incoming text. Mr L had written, her desired outcome. “Oh cool! Prompt result!” thought our heroine.

Point: Daria shifted her thinking away from the adolescent yearning and away from trying to make something happen in an earth plane way.

This person turned it over to Source Energy and got her result—and fast.

Want to report an account where you got clear and then got what you wanted? Please comment.

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