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Awaken Through Attending to the Body


Some of us are more connected to our bodies than others. 

With our directive to reach for a better feeling thought, some readers may not always call up taking action with our bodies to raise energy and awareness.

Do we recall through our day what soothing is available through our wondrous physical structures? For those of us who spend much time in our heads, let’s remember to use our physical beings to reduce our suffering.

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Tool #1 Simple Moving

Let’s remember that stretching and walking about helps our brains reboot when stuck. Marla discovered the value of distracting herself with some movement. No she was not so called “procrastinating.” Shifting her focus produced results for her. M “let go” in the form of a walk around her neighborhood, breathing in some woodsy air and before too long a solution came to her.

Tool #2 Therapeutic Massage

David seeks out therapeutic massage to get relief from all kinds of stress. He gets worried and he acquires bodily aches and pains from the way he makes his living. D utilizes this tool regularly to benefit his whole being: body, mind spirit. Certainly, he can attest that he accesses a more receptive mode after he leaves his session!

Tool #3 Jin Shin Jyutsu

Cary knows some Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ). Recently on a walk she felt draggy and short of breath. Up popped the memory that an easy available way to assist breathing is to put the pad of the thumb over the nail of the ring finger. She did this on both hands as she walked along. Wow it helped a lot. She recommends giving it a try to experience the full impact.

Another way to help oneself with JSJ, take a rest break and go through your fingers one at a time. It is recommended to take two minutes on each finger. Breathe. We might feel this more profoundly if we are laying down but it will work in whatever position with which we want to experiment.

To get a refresher rebooting on a whole other level, we can seek out a JSJ practitioner and have a full session for about an hour. Most experience this as deeply relaxing—at least—and some who arrive with a bodily pain leave without it.  

For more information on Jin Shin Jyutsu- see




Take Away Message:

When we want to feel better, we can seek out release in movement, receiving touch and harmonizing our being’s energy. Many tools accessible to us—look for additional ideas in future posts.

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