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Self Talk with Kindness


Most of us talk to ourselves in our heads. Only we know what’s said… do we notice what attitude we take in that conversation? Do we feel good when we are listening to our own inner commentary?

In this post the author offers an example of a possible alternative story to one person’s review of her suffering and frustration. How could this dear heart express herself and find a way to feel better too.

Any human will run the language and thought pattern from our culture unless each has done something to change those formulations.

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Let’s read about a kinder possibility. This sort of compassion has great value: we are more empowered on our path of evolution when we support ourselves. And as a result, we increase our ability to show our heart space with others.


Aleta was telling a story about how she got so angry and frustrated with herself when doing a project.  She had meant for her focus to be on contentment as a topic for the piece she was writing.

This gal reports how triggered she had gotten and how difficult it was to turn off this inner tantrum.


Once she realized how she was running a toxic inner atmosphere, what else could Aleta say to herself? She could:

  • Make it ok to feel frustrated or angry.
  • Note that she was angry with herself
  • Become aware she had concerns about what others thought about her
  • Realize how deep down she felt “not enough” and this incident might prove it.
  • Recall how this increased awareness is a good thing
  • Smile at the thought that noticing is the path to changing a pattern for any human. Again a good thing.

Rather than a self-condemnation she can understand she is involved in a growth process that  is praiseworthy!

She is right on track?

Is someone reading thinking this: Yea but what about this kind of thinking? What would I do for that?

Please comment and share. This author will be glad to respond to questions.

We live in times of transformation and we will all assist one another.

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