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Healing an Inflammatory Episode

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Mint Spring Path, 12 x 16, $395

We are enriched to know: each of us can heal from a mysterious inflammation condition without using western medicine or over the counter remedies. Read about how one woman proceeded:

The Condition

One December Nina had a foot and ankle condition with swelling and

tenderness to the touch. In the past N had observed a similar condition that was slight and resolved overnight. This time several days passed as she observed major swelling, pain in putting on a shoe and in walking. (She prayed there was no snow because her foot could not fit into any of her boots!)

The Advice

Our heroine saw a naturopath who specializes in Chinese herbs. He recommended:

  1. A new herbal formula
  2. Adopting a food plan to make the body more alkaline
  3. Using high ph water filtration.

She agreed to follow his guidance.

The Focus on Attitude

Nina is aligned with the posts in this blog, empowered to address her health with with the best focus on her thoughts and emotions she can imagine. Here is some of her inner dialogue:

“I am walking around, caring for myself independently. Wow there is so much knowledge in my toolkit!

Right now I know I am whole and in perfect health.

I can still participate in my life robustly and enjoy myself.

I will use Jin Shin Jyutsu https://streamofyes.com/jin-shin-jyutsu/.

(Jin Shin Jyutsu, an art using hands on the body,  is founded on the understanding that we need only harmonize with Well Being. Applying it to myself, I place my hands on certain locations on my body for about 20 minutes to address inflammation and fear.)

I face what is scaring me and affirm well being.  Noticing this evidence of a vibrating past hurt, I shift my attention to soothing myself. In quiet time I write and update beliefs ( as stated above) .”

Other Assistance

Nina received two sessions of energy work from other practitioners.

She continued her swimming regime taking it a bit easier than usual.


After one week, Nina felt less tenderness.

After two weeks, Our star felt more comfortable walking and did not hobble. There was no longer pain.

After three weeks, this dear woman’s foot and ankle were normal size both evening and morning!!

Isn’t it great to know that success like this is possible!

Got some natural healing stories where working with attitude was a key component? Love to hear them. Please send them in! Meanwhile, keep beaming your Light!







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