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Living in the Stream of Yes

Amazing Flow of Fun


We are surrounded by so much Good! And as we keep our eye on that prize, what an amazing flow of fun will come our way! Worth to attending to things going well! Here is another report:

Tale 1

Sorcha attends many horse shows. At a recent show she spotted a friend from years ago but did not have the time to track her down during the event.

Meanwhile S did have an opportunity to stop at the vendor

Next Chapter, 30 x 40, $625

Next Chapter, 30 x 40, $625

tables and make contact with two animal communicators offering services. Our star purchased a session for her horse. In that exchange the communicator envisioned S’s horse benefiting from a nutrient that comes in a silver bag with a white label.

Two weeks later at her next show Sorcha runs into that old friend. Avidly they talk avidly and during the visit, the friend recommends a horse supplement that has worked wonders for her animal.  Sorcha listens intently.

With a sample of it in her hand our heroine muscle tests it for her horse. It gets a strong yes.

Soon S has ordered it and back on the farm is opening the box. Can you see what’s coming? The package is a silver bag with a white label, just as the animal communicator had conveyed.

Tale 2

One Christmas morning a few years back, Annalee went to check email early in the day. Oh dear the computer would not boot up properly. Instead, A found herself staring into a black screen with one small white arrow.  Off and on she turned her machine, giving it rests. The woman pulled out the battery, put it back in, turned it on again—you get the idea. Our star gave it a good shot—no fix.

Gazing into that screen Annalee felt unsettled. She was reaching for calm—soon on another device she emailed SOS to a geek friend. Meanwhile, she baked and prepared for a Christmas afternoon gathering. Generously the friend told her to bring it by that morning.

During that day A went and enjoyed herself. Really she was quite pleased with herself that she could relax and participate while her beloved machine was at the “computer hospital.” This alone showed herself more skill in balance than she’d possessed before her focus on good.

Our heroine had been telling a friend who just purchased a new computer how wonderful it was to have a tech savvy friend backing her up. The Universe gave her more of that! Cute to notice.

When she arrived to pick up her machine, it was working well.

In fact, the tech whiz was not sure what had been wrong with it.

Bottom line: Staying calm paid off. Another Flow of fun.

Ok I know dear readers you are experiencing some flow of fun too. Please share some of your accounts as you comment!  Passing it around makes that much more fun!






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