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Empowered Response to Body Blip


What does an empowered response look like when we are faced with uncomfortable disharmony of the body? Read about how one awakened person assisted her healing in the attitude and actions she took.

The Situation

Flowers II, 24 x 30, acrylic on canvas, $595

Gabby noticed disharmony in one of her legs. Her limb felt heavy and tight. G would prefer this discomfort to represent a minor inconvenience and be gone in a day or two.

In the past our heroine might have blamed herself for this body blip, thinking things like “How did I cause this? What did I do wrong?”.  Back then her mind scanned for “reasons,” her mood lowered, she felt tired. Back then Dear Gabby might have worried.

Of course, this behavior is common in our culture: notice the condition, get upset, review it a lot. What are some alternative possibilities?

Gabby was waking up this time. “Ok I notice I am experiencing a discomfort. Instead of fearful thoughts what could I say to my dear self?

Hey, what do I want now?”

Helpful, More Relaxed Thinking

What can G affirm?

  1. “Well -Being Abounds in, around, and through me and is already at work to heal me.
  2. Distraction reboots my thinking. “Let me appreciate! My food is delicious tonight. I love how much freer and energetic I feel after yoga class. What beautiful sunshine!”
  3. Discomforts in life are not only to be expected but provide fuel for growth.
  4. Recovery is already well underway. Revitalization is rising up in the mist of discomfort.
  5. Lessons on healing easily come to me.  The additional rest promotes health.
  6. “I visualize and experience my leg as whole and perfect now.”


Going through her day our star declared that she was doing fine and feeling more comfortable each day.  G put special focus on what she could enjoy now. This dear woman ate aligned with her healthy food plan, took extra vitamins, used Jin Shin Jyutsu energy healing on herself (see https://streamofyes.com/jin-shin-jyutsu/) and more.

She allowed improvement bit by bit and kept her mind on enjoying life moment by moment.


In a few weeks our protagonist’s leg felt improved. After having been uncomfortable, Gabby felt energetic and more-able-bodied.

Like reveling in sunshine after a rainy day, when this protagonist weathers a bit of a “crisis,” she notices the enrichment her process provided.

Today G relishes the experience of walking well with ease. Sometimes she moves slowly and enjoys some new perspectives that accompany that pace.

As maintenance, this restored being tunes into her connection to Source Energy each morning, does yoga daily along with her exercising.  Frequently through her day this empowered one deepens her trust in Well Being and the Forces of Good.

The program of keeping focused on health and wholeness has paid off for Gabby and continues to do so!

Do you have a tale of how you used your shift in attention to recovery from injury or illness? Please comment with what worked for you to keep your perspective and what lifted your spirits. Let’s share our successes!

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