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Living in the Stream of Yes

Match to the “Good” Atmosphere


We have been trained to think we increase our value when we accomplish projects: get things done. Certainly, we do value all that—the bridges, the cell phones, refrigerators, meals on the table etc. etc. Such a wonderful world of objects and designs!

On the other hand, we have not been as trained in realizing the high value of the qualities we each emanate. What atmosphere do we create as we live our lives? Are we tuned to Forces of Good and basking in the divine atmosphere that as we are working at our jobs, caring for our children, watering the garden and more?

What benefit does that glow add? As we have Faith and allow ourselves to flow with life, we embody the vibration of Good that permeates the environment.

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When we “light up a room” as we enter, we bring the benefits of that Light to ourselves and to those other beings present.

In that atmosphere the wishes aligned with the Forces of Good converge and more “Good” is created.

How It Could Look

Larry delivered mail to Tammy’s location. He was friendly man, waved to Tammy as she walked and even occasionally stopped for a one minute chat. What a Being of Light was He!

Browsing on the neighborhood bulletin board, she learned that this carrier was retiring very soon.

At reading that, our heroine realized she wanted to communicate how much she had enjoyed his energy in her area. It brightened her day at each encounter.

Meanwhile in a good mood Tammy carried on with what she was doing.

On the afternoon of his last day Tammy happened to look out her window and see Larry parked in front of her house, taking a minute to chat with her neighbor. Out she went to have a quick chat.

As the Universe flowed, L’s truck had broken down right in front of her house at her mailbox. (Wow the opportunity to offer him appreciation actually came to her doorstep without her taking any action at all!)

T beamed at him as she reported how grateful she was for his big smile when he spotted her walking.  She was tickled that she got to appreciate him, as unlikely as that chance was—here it was delivered.

On Larry’s last day his truck broke down of all things. He was stuck while he called for rescue. As he waited, he got bathed in good vibes. How cool is that!

Our star got her desire to send him off without lifting a finger. The Benevolent Universe handled it!

Do you have a story of the Universe helping you effortlessly? Please comment and share. So helpful to cheer one another on in our relaxed and happy ways!  

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