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Different Approach to Forgiveness


In this culture many of us have the habit of thought to review our grievances. When we go to the topic of forgiveness, it seems to involve going over the transgression against us.

Sure, we call up what we don’t like, this hurt, and then want to let it go.

Here is the curve ball. There exists a Universal Law: “What is like unto itself is drawn.” This means that if we continue to go over and over the hurt part, we draw more of it to us. NO! We don’t want that!

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Instead of this impetus to complaint about what was unwanted, what other steps can we take to let go of what hurt us?

Let’s put our attention toward WHAT WE DO WANT. That will involve reminding ourselves of all manner of Good already flowing to use. We can appreciate the people, places and events around us.

An Example

Carrie Ann (CA) follows the suggestions in this blog’s posts. She knows that whatever she focuses on she gets more of. If this dear woman puts attention on what she does not want, she can attract MORE of that not less. So many of us are not aware that we practice the habit of thought to review what we do not want more of.

Recently, this protagonist sat through a discussion of “forgiveness” with folks who genuinely wanted to improve their lives. Admittedly she cringed through a good chunk of it.

Many who were present at this discussion declared how problematic it was to release resentment when each had been “wronged.”

With emphasis regarding forgiving THEMSELVES, they declared, “It is most difficult to let myself off the hook. It is so hard.”

As she listened, CA saw with compassion how many still were judging themselves inside. It was a big deal, a big change, to make their “thing needing forgiveness” alright, even as they learned a new lesson and would behave differently now.

CA knew that these folks would get more satisfaction by feeling grateful for much in the world around them including themselves. When looking around for Good with new eyes, we find it so much easier to release our resentments and judgments. We bring to our minds what we do want and become aware of more of it already here.

Our heroine recommends when we become aware we are resenting, when we notice we want to forgive, we switch to a look at this present moment and what we can enjoy right now.

For sure, the letting go when we are hurt takes considerable focus and often a good chunk of time. Things shift for us bit by bit. And the discipline of this shift to more and more appreciation can have miraculous pay offs.

The principle of like attracting like works every time!

As we experiment with putting more focus on the GOOD, we discover the GOOD in ourselves! Wow we are becoming better and better each day and see we are ok right now.

Easily we allow the flow of love into our beings, more and more. Though it is a deep training, we need not feel shame for where we find ourselves on our unfolding path.

Really, no “forgiveness” needed. We keep basking in Good and beaming it to others.

Do you have questions about this post? No? Please share examples from your life of how you reframed a hurt and let love flow in.

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