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Imagined View, 24 x 30, $535

Imagined View, 24 x 30, $535

Are you reading this blog and shifting your patterns of thought? Are you playing with the Abraham Hicks teachings and other parallel ways of living? Yes, we want to notice how we feel and direct ourselves towards feeling as good as we can at that moment. No we do not want just react to what is “happening to us” but to create with our thoughts.

Every word we speak counts toward what we are creating. 

I want to move more awareness of what I say and to more frequently speak what makes us feel good.

Do you notice how you report on your life to your friends, family coworkers? Let’s become conscious of how we frame what is happening. Can we find silver linings to what unfolds? Are we aware of the good that is flowing in the experiences we don’t prefer?

Lotte had an experience at an auto repair place that she did not prefer. The place required an hour of travel time. After spending a whopping 4 hours there, as she was driving off, nothing had been fixed in her car!

Our heroine was a bit in shock and felt a temptation rising to start calling herself “An Idiot” Instead, she began soothing herself.

L said, “Well I came to Earth for the contrast. To know what I don’t want so I can know what I do want. Sincerely, I did want my car fixed. But hey I am getting the contrast for which I came in this life!” Definitely, there is humor potential here.  She decided to sing on the way home, skip blaming herself and enjoy the remainder of her day.

As it flowed, the next day Lotte awoke feeling good. On impulse she telephoned a specific auto shop with which she had been impressed as she searched for service two days earlier.

When she visited this second mechanic, the beauty of the unfolding became clearer. He diagnosed her auto to have a problem different from last serviceman, and he addressed it inexpensively.

Not only that this fellow became Lotte’s go-to car guy and by sticking with him she has saved tens of thousands of dollars in car maintenance.

Who knew what would come of a discouraging car repair episode!

That unwanted incident became the opener of an auto repair success story!

Let’s not say this kind of thing: “What a jerk I am! I spent money at a car service where I spent half a day with no fix to the vehicle. ”

Instead, let’s report, “I experienced one auto shop I did not want, got inspired to contact a mechanic who is absolutely fabulous, competent, reliable and reasonably priced. In this adventure I found a great keeper!”

We are beings who use words to express ourselves. How we speak shapes our future. Since we will be communicating, I recommend experimentation with telling stories that reflect the Goodness that Surrounds, the positive potential of each moment—and how cute each of us is!

Please share some of these stories that you create! We love connecting to one another, Comment!


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