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We are Supplied



We attract all manner of support to ourselves as we pause to appreciate. It is so powerful to  focus on the Good in our lives. Have you noticed what happens? Some examples follow:

Illustration I

Reeni needed some bed related merchandise. Immediately R knew which retailer had a great selection of what she needed. For that store, insiders knew it was best to have a store coupon.

Red Ease, 9 x 12, SOLD

Red Ease, 9 x 12, SOLD

So, she put out to the Universe that she wanted discount assistance.

First, R chatted with her landlord (she had spied some sale offers in her mailbox) and was given one.

Then she popped off to shop and soon was in the line to check out.

As our star stood waiting her turn, she noticed the woman paying up just in front of her. This customer had come prepared: she was rifling through a stack of what looked to be 25 coupons. The pile was enormous. Impressed– R told her so. “Wow! What a stash of coupons! Good for you!” R smiled.

Next, it was Reeni’s turn, and she asked the cashier if her item would qualify for the flyers she had.

The clerk began ringing up our heroine. Surprised our dear protagonist noticed that the departing woman paused after her purchase. That good person lingered to determine if R had a coupon to use, and if Reeni did not, the one with the stack stood ready to give one of hers. Wow. So generous.

R’s coupon worked fine and the thoughtful stranger went on her way.

There’s more! Our star wanted to sign up to receive coupons regularly. When asked, the cashier went over to the manager to figure out how to help with that.

In a minute two staff smiled broadly and one said, “Sign right here on this pad. And, BTW, we can offer you a coupon today for this sale.”

Readers, that was the third way in which the Universe offered Reeni a discount! She attracted so much assistance. Wow!

Small incidents- probably worth about $5 , worth more than that value in the fun perceiving this easy flow that R attracted.

Illustration II

Greta was experimenting with a food plan where she needed fresh squeezed orange juice regularly. She looked through her stuff and could not find a hand juicer that once she had owned. Oops.

G looked online and found them. Really though, she preferred to find one in a rummage venue inexpensively.

Soon after the initial idea, our star received the thought- go to a certain store after teaching her mid week morning class.  In her mind she saw a glass hand juicer.

Delighted, Greta had the time to follow through.  In she walked — she felt drawn to one area of shelves, pause, pause as she looked. OMG there it was!

Not only that: there were two other choices in plastic in another area of that shop. She began to feel tense as she felt she wanted the glass one, but the smaller plastic one would take up less counter space.

Shift! G wasn’t sure which would make her happier. She thought, “It is practical to use less space but I love the feel of glass and I love that what I imagined appeared magically.” So our heroine purchased both!

Presto! Greta was supplied!

Illustration III

One day a cashier asked Mary Lou for her courtesy card at the supermarket checkout to assist the person in front of her in line. The man with toddler ahead of her bought a big order of groceries and had no card. M loaned her card. The man said, ” Hey you saved me $30, an early Christmas gift!” What a kick to be of service! And, she got reduced gas price that week.

Illustration IV

Lanna needed a ride to a surgical procedure. At first she dreaded both the operation itself and the asking for help. L shifted her focus to Good flowing, got more relaxed about this event’ Bing bang boom—she ended up with three friends volunteering to help her with rides. Inside she had found more peace, and shifted to perceive things flowing easily and going well. Very cool payoff!

Are appreciating your life more and more and then noticing things big and small going well for you? Want to share some of that feel good energy?

Please comment! Let’s spread the word: We are supplied!


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