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Goodness and Intuition

We can create a more satisfying life as we enter 2020. Won’t that be exciting, inspiring and fun! How do we do this?

Those of us who have been reading this blog may be practicing some of what is described here. We can think more and more about what we enjoy! Let’s notice how much good is around us! Following that, isn’t it easy to notice how we feel and then to reach for feeling better?

We can get on a roll with thinking about Goodness and having more  

Emerging in Oranges, 24 x 30, $525

Emerging in Oranges, 24 x 30, $525

Good flow to us. And guiding impulses come to us to facilitate this process.

Below please read about two stories of how intuition produced results for  selecting gifts this season:

Story One:

Nadine browses in a charity shop regularly. She finds it fun to poke through the clothes, kitchen stuff and books.

On the day of this tale, she was grazing through the book shelves. “Hey what is this?” she cired, “A book on birds—and it even has the cd that came with it. Hmmm, as a soft cover selection it will set me back …$.50!”

N continued, ”Boy my brother likes birds, knows bird songs. What a kick to get this for him! “

Bing bang Boom!  Almost no thought.

When it comes time to send the gifts, our heroine discovers that it does not fit into the family box, so she sends it separately book rate. Almost no thought. Easy!

The Holiday comes and Nadine enjoys the call with the loved ones about gifts exchanged. Yes it arrived. The brother likes books on birds.

More days pass.  In subsequent email exchange the brother talks more about his enthusiasms. “ I love this book,” declared this fine man. “ I am really enjoying it. It has new information, not a repeat of what I have already read and known. Very cool!”

And it had required no thought!!! Our star followed the guidance flowing in strength. Right there when needed. Easy.

Story 2:

Aurora decided to select a pair of earrings for her dear friend. In the past a special vendor at the market had offered jewelry that this friend particularly enjoyed. She headed there to shop.

Carefully she perused this year’s selection. Standing there Aurora thought, “Oh a new design might be good. Yes, it’s something different…I wonder if she would like that…”

As A looked, her eyes fell upon a pair that “has her name on it”. Wow our buyer got a really good feeling. “This pair looks like my friend!”  Aurora purchases those.

Our dear woman had shopped early so she returned to the booth when holiday grew closer.  Had she pick the best pair?

Again, Our star looks with interest through the collection.

Part of her says – gee maybe a new design…

But then the Forces of Good send her a clear signal again: Aurora’s intuition says, “Wow the ones I already bought are best! They feel so right.”

When it is time to exchange reactions to presents exchanged, A gets great confirmation:  The recipient loves them and is very excited to receive them. A hit!

Our heroine’s gut showed her the way! Alignment with Forces of Good—looking for Good, Feeling good, provided intuition for a  Good result!

Please try it out, reach for the best feelings you can find throughout your day. What guidance shows up?

Do you have success stories to report? Please do comment!



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