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Appreciating a Painful Episode


Occasionally, we might experience a symptom in the body that we don’t prefer. Some of us know that the conditions that show up mean something about our state of mind.

Those taking responsibility for what arises may want to shift some mental habits. In the past did we blame some outside influence for this kind of thing? There are those among us who might readily blame themselves for some inattention, mistake or failed affirmation in the face of unwanted aches, pains or the like.

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When we understand how the laws of the universe operate, we can move past any blame. We can accept what we have attracted including any discomfort. What if we flowed with this experience? We can skip a dramatic story and heightened emotions, not angry, not remorseful, not panicky, not afraid.  Can we pause and be still with what is presenting? We can stay present and flow with life.

A Story from Susan

Susan thinks to herself, “Oh look, this leg is swollen. I think this is more swollen and sorer than yesterday. Hmm. I will breathe into it.”

Susan recalls, “Under similar circumstances in the past, I did not recall in that first second what my protocols or remedies are. Breathe. I do know I don’t prefer this condition.”

Our star continues, “I want to get my mind on something I do want.  Ok I admit I have had my mind on what I don’t want quite a bit for at least a month. I have been unhappy about this dating relationship.”

She gets back into present time and does the tasks she can in the day.

At one point this dear woman remembers, “Pain means that help is on the way. Wow.

My cells are all attuned to Well- Being and seeking help there. They want the harmony of the Good pouring down and around.

Layer in some distractions with tv reruns. Get a night’s sleep and enjoy.

Hunch about the Cause: Buried unwanted feelings seeking expression

Susan was letting herself know her deeper feelings as the episode unfolded.

She was driving and doing errands, stopped at a streetlight. She went to offer soothing words to her sore leg in that moment. Surprising herself, tears just burst forth. There she was at a traffic light. Wow she tapped into the deeper feelings and they were ready for expression. It lasted not even two minutes. Some relief though!

In her quiet time in the morning, she flowed from readings, to guided meditations, to some journaling, pulling a card. Which was it? Not sure.

It came to her to put on “5o ways to leave your lover” on youtube. So up she got to her feet, listened, sang a long and danced.

She took a yoga class. Some of the poses brought up some pain. It did not stay painful as she moved along from position to position. The class was designed to be relaxing on a deeper level. Sure enough, as she lay in the final pose, she found tears coming up. (Fortunately, she was online and was “muted”.)  when she sat up to share at the end, she felt quite a good chunk better, calmer and no pain at that moment. She walked with more ease.

Take away points:

  1. Pain? Be on notice to be extra kind to oneself
  2. Making it ok to have a physical hurt is so much easier than being very upset and blaming with it.
  3. Facing the deeper feelings behind a hurt may take some time and attention. Allow it to take as long as it takes. Accept this internal journey.
  4. Make note of the lessons popping up from experience of the unwanted. Hey I know I want more of deeper connection, shared interests, shared fun….
  5. Appreciating the richness of my life, the new awarenesses.

We can make falling down in the metaphorical mud easier and richer. Let’s go for it! Susan is glad she is learning how to experience, learn, feel and flow!

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