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Living in the Stream of Yes

Magic of Attitude


Sometimes we feel helpless when so many differing, deeply felt opinions are prevalent. Have we heard others bemoaning how divisive is our current society?

Reading here, we become more empowered that we can reach for connectedness even in the face of significant diversity. Please review this account of how attitude melted what could divide folk.

Close to Mint Spring, 24 x 30, $595

Rosey created art. In the second half of 2021 R enjoyed hanging an exhibit as some venues were able to return to less guarded environment. One local friend, Kim, asked R to attend accompanying her for a private showing.

Both had so much fun! To Rosey’s delight Kim indicated that she was looking for a piece of art for her mantelpiece. K inquired “Did Rosey have more stock that might fit this bill?” R exclaimed, “Yes! I’d love you to visit to see what might work for your living room.”

The day of the studio viewing arrived and it was about an hour before the appointed time. K texted R: “I visit my mother often in a assisted living facility and in her section three residents have been tested positive for the flu. Have you had a flu shot? Will you feel safe with me in your place?”

R responded, “I feel very healthy and support myself with many immune boosting supplements, careful eating and many other health practices. I continue to welcome you.”

K went on,” Actually come to think of it, I won’t feel comfortable exposing myself to your household germs and bacteria. I need to stay healthy for both myself and my mother. Hmm…”

R suggested, “I have an idea. How about if I bring out the art onto the deck? We can meet outdoors. Will that work?”

K: “I carefully follow all the CDC protocols. But meeting outdoors sounds good. I will be over shortly.”

Soon Kim arrived. She popped out of the car and apologized for her concerns. In a moment she was arranged on the deck and Rosey brought out several pieces. “Wow,” Kim smiled broadly, “I love all of them. Are there some that are larger?” This hostess went in to grab several more paintings. 

Yes, Kim liked a couple of those too. The guest took some photos to bring home to discuss with her husband.

Before long the possible client was happily on her way with a promise to get back in touch soon.

Rosey had a great time. When she first received the text with the concerns about contagion and illness, she saw the potential for division and a postponement. Resting in her good mood, the idea to suggest outside effortlessly came into her mind and then out into the phone.

There was a pause when it was offered—but not long. Kim agreed.  Both parties chose to reach for the friendliness and enthusiasm for this exchange and Bim Bam Boom they attracted that.

Rose stayed in ease. Let’s notice that a focus on divisiveness could have come between the two women. Instead, they both kept their eye on a prize.

Too simple a point? We can exert powerful influence by putting focus on what we want: generosity, acceptance and fun.  Let’s live into this simplicity!

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